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MLB accused of stealing evidence to fry Alex Rodriguez – SportsUntapped.com
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MLB accused of stealing evidence to fry Alex Rodriguez
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According to a report by Newsday in America, Major League Baseball (MLB) knew it was buying stolen medical records, but did so anyway as the league wanted to build a strong case against Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. The report said MLB was warned several times that the records were stolen, but ignored the warnings. MLB was looking for documents from the Biogenesis medical center in Florida, which was accused of dealing in illegal performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)

MLB wanted to prove Rodriguez was connected with Biogenesis and was using PEDs. The documents were stolen on a flash drive that was owned by former Biogenesis worker Porter Fischer. It’s alleged that MLB tried to buy the flash drive, but then backed off when Fischer asked a ridiculous price for the information. The flash drive was later stolen and MLB forked over $100,000 for it from a person named Gary Jones.

While the flash drive was stolen, the report makes it clear that nobody associated with MLB has been charged with the crime. The baseball league is sticking to its story that it didn’t know it was buying stolen goods though. However, a detective with the Boca Raton police department in Florida isn’t buying it. The end result of the Biogenesis investigation by MLB ended up with Rodriguez being suspended for the entire 2014 baseball season.

Rodriguez and his lawyers always claimed the league was on a witch hunt to get him and had used unreliable and illegal evidence to nail him. Rodriguez was originally banned for a longer period of time and launched a lawsuit against MLB. The league then cut the suspension to one season and Rodriguez dropped the lawsuit against the players’ association and MLB in February.

It’s doubtful that Rodriguez will take the case back to the courts now that this new evidence has been revealed. It’s simply too hard to prove that MLB had any knowledge that the documents were stolen. Even if the evidence was found to be inadmissible in a court of law, Rodriguez has agreed to play by MLB rules while representing the Yankees.

Also, most fans don’t really care how MLB obtained the information on Rodriguez. In their eyes he has broken the rules of baseball by taking PEDs and this fact isn’t changed regardless of how MLB got a hold of the flash drive. The evidence is still there even if it was acquired by shady methods.

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