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Milwaukee Brewers introduce $1,000 timeless ticket – SportsUntapped.com
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Milwaukee Brewers introduce $1,000 timeless ticket
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The Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball (MLB) have introduced a rather unique marketing ploy be selling fans something called a timeless ticket for the price of $1,000 per ducat. In theory, the ticket, which is actually a small brass statue, can be bought from the club and be used at any future game the buyer chooses. For example, this means it could be used next week or 50 years down the road. The ticket is good for any home game at Miller Park, including the playoffs and opening day.

The team is also giving out a nine-game ticket voucher with the purchase of a timeless ticket. However, these nine tickets are good for regular season contests only and opening day is excluded. Those fans who have bought a timeless ticket just need to get hold of the organization’s ticket office when they’d like to redeem it. The customer needs to show photo ID and let the ticket office know which game they’d like to attend.

The fans are allowed to keep the brass statue ticket as a souvenir and the Brewers are allowing the holders of a timeless ticket to buy up to three more regular-priced tickets for the game they’ve chosen to attend. Of course, in theory this promotion sounds like it will work, but the Brewers could find a lot of fans trying to redeem their ticket on opening days over the next few seasons. In addition, many fans may also want to cash them in the next time the squad makes the playoffs.

The deal isn’t too bad for fans since they’re actually getting a total of 10 tickets for their $1,000. Since it’s possible the Brewers may not be able to accommodate the fans’ request for specific games, they have said the timeless ticket can be used subject to seat availability. The club also advised timeless ticket holders to contact the front office as early as possible if they know which game they’d like to see. But since the Brewers are initially selling just 1,000 timeless tickets they shouldn’t have a problem finding room in the stadium for fans.

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