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Michael Finley’s Future Could be with the Boston Celtics

Every single year in the second half of the NBA regular season, all the title contending and playoff teams around the league look at possibly signing veteran free agents in order to address holes in the roster or have as strictly backup plans.

Last season a few moves were made like the Boston Celtics signing troubled point guard Stephon Marbury after his nasty break up with the New York Knicks. Marbury played well in limited time, but his play alone wasn’t enough to to help the Celtics repeat or repair the team without Kevin Garnett in the playoffs.

This season the biggest name on the NBA free agent market in the second half of the regular season is recently released veteran guard Michael Finley who has played with the San Antonio Spurs since the 2005-2006 season. Even though Finley hasn’t been the player he was when he played alongside Dirk Nowitzki with the Dallas Mavericks, he still has been a one of the better offensive weapons for the Spurs over the past four seasons averaging about 10 points per game in about 25 minutes on the floor.

There is no mistaking that Michael Finley is over the hill and in the twilight of NBA career, but he can still be useful in the right system on the right team and the Boston Celtics believe that they are the right team and might be willing to sign him for the rest of the season as they try to contend with the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks come playoff time.

It is uncertain how soon or whether or not the Boston Celtics will sign the 14-year veteran Michael Finley, as an offer has yet to made, but with the way the Celtics seem to stock pile these kind of veterans I won’t be surprise to sign him sooner rather than later.

Along with Finley there are some other free agents on the market that might also help a title contender like Larry Hughes, Kenny Thomas and Mike James.

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