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Mexican World Cup players banned from sex, booze and beef
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Mexican football players might be asking themselves if the World Cup down in Brazil this summer will really be worth it. This is because team manager Miguel Herrera has banned them from having sex once the tournament kicks off on June 12 until it comes to a conclusion just over a month later on July 13. Herrera backed up his strict suggestion by telling the Mexican media that if a player can’t go 20 days to a month without having intercourse then they’re not cut out to be a professional football player.

However, Herrera hasn’t stopped there since the boss is also putting his foot down by banning his players from consuming alcohol while in Brazil as well as beef. He added that the players are going to be down there to try to win a World Cup, not to have a party. Herrera isn’t the only football manager to put his foot down either when it comes to telling his players what they can and can’t do this summer.

Brazil’s manager Luiz Felipe Scolari recently told his players that they can have sex before and during the World Cup, but they aren’t allowed to have acrobatic sex. Scolari is worried that his players may injure themselves somehow if they get too carried away.

There may be a method behind Herrera’s madness when it comes to banning his players from eating beef since Mexican players blamed beef for the reason several of them failed performance-enhancing drug tests at the Gold Cup tournament back in 2011. According to the team the meat was contaminated with a muscle-building drug called clenbuterol and that’s why five of them failed the tests.

The Mexican Football Federation cleared all of the players eventually after the World Anti-Doping Agency believed that the Mexican meat was contaminated. Herrera said the team’s training staff has determined that red meat shouldn’t be consumed just in case. However, defender Miguel Ponce said he’s been eating red meat because he wasn’t chosen on the original 23-man roster and was added to the squad to replace the injured Juan Carlos Medina. Ponce said he’s been eating tacos, but will follow his manager’s orders from now on.

Fans will be able to judge for themselves if Herrera’s ban on sex was more effective than Scolari’s ban on just acrobatic sex as Brazil and Mexico will meet each other in the group stage of the tournament. The two teams will be joined by Croatia and Cameroon.

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