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Mariusz Pudzianowski’s Next MMA Opponent: Robert Paczkow – SportsUntapped.com
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Added March 13th, 2010 by David Glisan

Mariusz Pudzianowski’s Next MMA Opponent:  Robert Paczkow
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A few days ago we talked about Polish strongman turned MMA fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski and his recent comments calling out Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko.  While his fanboys may be preoccupied with notions of Pudzianowski beating Fedor, Lesnar and a back from the dead Bruce Lee at the same time for his second MMA fight, his next scheduled opponent is a more reasonable test of his skill.  While the proposed US fight with Tim Sylvia is still in the works, Pudzianowski has signed his name to a deal to fight a fellow Pole, Robert Paczkow, at KSW XIII in Katowice, Poland on May 7.  Since we’ve talked a lot about Pudzianowski it seemed prudent to get some background on Paczkow.

First of all, a warning to Pudzianowski sycophants, bodybuilding enthusiasts, male modeling agencies, etc–Paczkow ain’t much to look at.  He’s definitely not as cut as ‘Puddin’, nor is he as dedicated to hair removal, body waxing and tanning.  He’s sure not centerfold material, unless ‘Field and Stream’ is looking for a new editorial direction.  He sort of has the vibe of a Polish Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson.  The 40 year old Paczkow is a monstrous dude himself, going 6’2″ and walking around at well in excess of three bills.  No report of what the contracted weight for his fight with Pudzianowski is, but if his management hasn’t insisted on one they should be fired.

Unlike Pudzianowski’s first opponent, a boxer named Marcus Najmin whom calling a ‘journeyman’ is being charitable, Paczkow has an extensive and successful fight sport background as well as a professional MMA fight under his triple XL belt.  Paczkow started training in greco-roman wrestling wrestling at age 11 and specialized in it for well over a decade representing Poland in a variety of European and World events.  In 1997, he took up sumo and went on to win two World Championships in amateur sumo and a host of European competitions.  Now, sumo may not require the technical finesse of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but between his sumo background and greco-roman experience we can conclude that Paczkow is very good at using his body mass to control another big guy and make him go where he wants him to.  That is something that translates well into MMA.

Paczkow’s first–and so far only–professional MMA bout came in December 2007 for the British ‘Cage Rage’ promotion against James McSweeney.  McSweeney would continue with his MMA career, most recently gaining a lot of notoriety in the US for his participation on the UFC’s reality show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’.  At the time he fought Paczkow, McSweeney had only one pro fight to his credit.  The video of the Paczkow/McSweeney fight is posted below–Paczkow’s technique is as raw as a plate of sushi, but he essentially drags McSweeney to the canvas and uses his bulk to half choke/half smother his opponent into submission.  In fact, the Sherdog record of the fight has the cause of submission listed as ‘smother’.

Working to Pudzianowski’s advantage in the fight, Paczkow isn’t an opponent that will provide any sort of technical fighting difficulties nor will he be around long enough to test his cardio.  Still, this is no pushover–that’s a lot of bulk for Pudzianowski to deal with and Paczkow has spent a lifetime in greco-roman and sumo honing his ability to use his body mass to his advantage.

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