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Man City fans being investigated for booing Champions League theme song
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As usual, there’s more ridiculous news from the world of soccer. This time it’s UEFA’s turn to make themselves look foolish. The governing body of European soccer has reportedly opened up an investigation regarding disciplinary action against English Premier League leaders Manchester City. It seems UEFA wasn’t happy that fans at the club’s Etihad Stadium ground booed UEFA’s Champions League anthem prior to the kickoff of City’s match against Spanish La Liga club Sevilla on October 21st.

Yes, you read it right. Fans didn’t boo any of the nations’ national anthems, but actually had the nerve to boo the tournament’s annoying theme song. This is akin to facing disciplinary action for booing the theme song to the Big Bang Theory television show. Of course, UEFA is once again the laughing stock of football and you’d think it would have better things to do considering it’s president Michel Platini is being investigated for corruption along with his longtime buddy Sepp Blatter of FIFA.

The boss of the Manchester City Supporters Club has called UEFA a petty organization and it’s easy to see why. Man City said it was shocked to hear about the investigation and the possibility of being punished for the incident especially since it usually happens before each Champions League at the Etihad. The fans turned against UEFA last year after the organization sanctioned the club for breaking the complicated Financial Fair Play Regulations.

Geir Thorsteinsson, who is the president of the Icelandic Football Association president, was the person who ratted City fans out for some reason and then refused to tell the media why he complained about the booing. He told the press, “I’m not allowed to speak about my reports to UEFA. I cannot speak about this. Sorry, you have to respect it.”

The Champions League anthem gets played before every tournament match and City supporters started booing it last year after their club was fined and had its tournament squad reduced for breaching the fair play rules. Since then, the rules have been eased since clubs threatened to take UEFA to court over them. Man City supporters also believe UEFA shafted them last year when an away game against CSKA Moscow was ordered to be played in an empty stadium without any fans due to crowd trouble with Moscow supporters.

Many City fans had already booked their flights and hotels for the contest and felt they were punished for the actions of Moscow supports. They have a case, since UEFA could have still banned home fans, but allowed Man City’s traveling supporters to attend the game. The same thing happened to Bayern Munich fans as one of the German team’s games in Moscow was also ordered to be played behind closed doors. It’s hard to believe that UEFA will actually sanction Man City for this incident since any sensible court would overturn it.

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