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Major League Baseball’s video replay rule causing controversy – SportsUntapped.com
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Added August 12th, 2014 by Ian

Major League Baseball’s video replay rule causing controversy
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Major League Baseball implemented a few new rule changes this year with one of them being a video review system. In theory, managers are able to challenge an umpire’s call on certain plays and officials will review the video replay and then make a final ruling on it. This is all supposed to take place in a matter of a minute or two. However, in a recent game National League between the Miami Marlins and Cincinnati Reds, it took well over six minutes to come to a decision after video replay was called upon.

During the game Cincinnati had the bases loaded with one out in the eighth inning. Todd Frazier of the Reds hammered a pitch into right field where outfielder Giancarlo Stanton happened to catch it. Stanton then fired the ball into home plate as Zack Cozart broke for the plate after the ball was caught. The home-plate umpire ruled Cozart out after the catcher caught the ball and tagged him.

Cincinnati manager Bryan Price asked for a video review because he said Cozart’s path to the plate was blocked by the catcher. According to another new MLB rule, a catcher can’t block the plate unless he has possession of the ball. However, he can’t block the plate if he’s attempting to catch the ball at the plate from a fielder’s throw. The rule was brought in to help reduce the number of collisions between runners and catchers at home plate. Six minutes and 10 seconds later the original umpire’s call was reversed and Cozart was called safe at the plate, which tied the game 1-1.

Miami manager Mike Redmond then went berserk as he stormed from the dugout, threw his hat to the ground and then started kicking it among other things. After his tirade had come to an end he was ejected from the game. But according to the new rule, the video-replay official made the right call. Redmond wouldn’t let the issue die as he ranted about it in the post-game press conference, presumable because his team lost the game and he blamed it on the call at home plate.

It’s not really clear if Redmond lost his mind because the call was overturned, or because it took so long for the decision on the video replay. MLB didn’t figure on umpires taking so long when watching video replays of calls, but it seems after six minutes of watching the play over and over again they finally got it right.

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