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Most online sportsbooks now offer live betting of some sort. However, most books offer a very limited number of live bets. The Bodog Sportsbook is the best, with Bet365 trailing closely behind. However, Bet365 doesn’t accept U.S. handicappers. Bodog has a much nicer interface, but both offer a high volume of live betting options during games & matches.

At both sportsbooks, handicappers can bet on almost every pitch, down, basket, or possession. Live betting is offered for all major sports, including NFL & NCAA football, NBA & NCAA basketball, MLB, NHL, soccer and tennis. Some golf, auto racing, MMA, and other sports are available as well.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Live Betting

1/ Bodog Sportsbook – Best interface & graphics, bet on every play, best for U.S. sports, solid soccer lineup. U.S. customers welcome.

2/ Bet365 Sportsbook – High volume of live betting options, best for soccer. No U.S. customers.

3/ BetDSI Sportsbook – Fair amount of live betting options. U.S. customers welcome.

Here are some examples of what you can bet on when live betting:

Football Live Betting

  • Will the next play be a pass or rushing play?
  • Will the team get first down with this possession?
  • Pass completion or incomplete?
  • Where will the team begin their drive after a kickoff?
  • Will the next play result in a turnover?
  • Will the team with possession score a touchdown on this drive?
  • Will the team with possession score a field goal on this drive?
  • How many yards will the team with possession gain on their next drive?
  • Many more.

Basketball Live Betting

The 2010-2011 NBA basketball season is looking like it could be the most exciting in years. With the new look of the Miami Heat, LA Lakers looking to three-peat, and many other interesting things going on, I can’t think of anything more fun than live betting on NBA games.

Once again, the Bodog Sportsbook is doing the best job for live betting on the NBA. We hope other online sportsbooks continue to improve their live betting software and betting options, but for now, Bodog is the place to go.

Bettors can place wagers during the action on approximately 40-50% of the possessions. These include: Who will score the next basket? Will it be a 1, 2 or 3 pointer? Will a certain player score XX points or more? The list goes on and on. Check it out at

Baseball Live Betting

Live betting on MLB baseball can make a boring game a lot more fun. At Bodog, handicappers can bet on every pitch of the game. Choose if the next pitch will result in a strike, ball, base hit, fly out, or ground out. Bets can also be placed on certain batters hitting home runs, or pitchers strikeout over/under totals.

While some online sportsbooks are beginning to expand their MLB live betting options, right now Bodog is clearly out in front.

Live Betting on Other Sports

Other great sports for live betting include hockey, tennis, auto racing, UFC & MMA fights, golf, soccer, and rugby.

As of right now, only Bodog and Bet365 offer top-notch live betting for these sports. With it’s gaining popularity we’re expecting other online sportsbooks to expand their live betting options as well. This is an exciting development in online sports betting that will certainly become more & more popular. As other sportsbooks expand their live betting options, we’ll update this page with more information.

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