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Kirk Maltby Retires, Will Stay With Red Wings as Scout

After 16 NHL seasons — the last 14 as a member of the Detroit Red Wings, Kirk Maltby announced his retirement at a press conference Tuesday, shortly before Detroit’s shootout loss to the Colorado Avalanche. Maltby, 37, was a part of four Stanley Cup winners in Detroit, and signed a two-way contract this offseason. Maltby didn’t make the Red Wings out of training camp and chose retirement over playing in the minors.

Maltby’s best line at his press conference was “I was a pain in the ass.” Red Wings general manager Ken Holland explained, “Malts was the agitator and could skate and kill penalties.” Holland added that he had been keeping a vacant scouting job open over the summer thinking Maltby’s playing days might be over.

While Maltby plans to take the scouting job, he’s also looking forward to spending time with his family:

I knew where my situation stood and that there was a possibility that if not making it here, going to Grand Rapids. Ultimately, I had to make a decision whether I wanted to go there … it was an easy decision. I’m very comfortable with it. I want to watch my kids grow up.
Maltby also reflected on his 16-year NHL career:
Being drafted in 1992 [by the Edmonton Oilers in the third round], I was just kind of happy to be playing hockey. I never would have thought that 18 years later, I’d be a part of four Stanley Cups, have played over 1,000 games.

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