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KRod KO’s Girlfriend’s Dad, Gets Arrested & Suspended – SportsUntapped.com
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K-Rod KO’s Girlfriend’s Dad, Gets Arrested & Suspended
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Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez went straight from Citi Field to jail after Wednesday night’s game.  Prosecutors allege K-Rod pinned his girlfriend’s 53-year-old father against a wall in the Mets family room, then punched the old guy in the head, chest and elbow. K-Rod then pointed skyward to give credit for his awesome punches to Jesus.  Shortly thereafter he was restrained by multiple security guards and arrested.

The Mets suspended K-Rod for two games without pay, and COO Jeff Wilpon issued a statement that the Mets are “very disappointed in Francisco’s inappropriate behavior.”  Thursday, K-Rod was arraigned and charged with third-degree assault, then released without bail.

“If there’s anything we can do for Frankie, I’m sure anybody in here’s going to do it,” said third baseman David Wright, who was totally unfazed by his teammate beating a 53-year-old man at the ballpark. “He’s very fiery, he’s very emotional. When he’s on your team, that’s a good thing. That’s what you want.

Police suspect K-Rod became enraged when he thought his elderly victim had made disparaging comments about the closer’s mom.  At the arraignment, the judge also said K-Rod can no longer live at his own house, since the girlfriend and her dad also live there.  K-Rod can only return to his home to pick up some of his stuff, and must be accompanied by police while he does.

K-Rod’s lawyer said his client “has family issues and concerns just like everyone else” and is “very distressed” by the situation.

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