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John Wall or Evan Turner (Who Ya Got?)

Now that the 2009/10 college basketball season is over, it’s time to hand out some awards. Who are the All-Americans? What about Freshman of the Year? How about Coach of the Year? Most, if not all, of these questions will be answered within the next couple of weeks.

While the All-American list might be a toss-up between 10 or so players, there’s one category that has two definitive nominees in John Wall and Evan Turner.

Sure, players like Robbie Hummel and Scottie Reynolds might deserve mention here as well, but most of the conventional wisdom concerning this season is focusing on these two players, and truth be told, when you look at each player’s resume, it looks like a photo finish is in the works.

Here’s an early peak at which way the consensus is leaning:

Over at Yahoo Sports, as well as Sports Illustrated, John Wall is the choice. Meanwhile, Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports and USAToday appear to favor Turner.

So who’s right? Furthermore, is there a wrong answer here? Both players were extremely valuable to their respective teams, so again, we’re down to splitting hairs and mulling over statistics. Speaking of, thanks to, we’ve got some of that, too (Turner’s stats are in red):

If stats told the only story, it would be Turner, hands down. He averages more points and rebounds than Wall, but then again, Wall is primarily a a point guard who spends a great deal of his half-court offense time on the perimeter.

What separates Wall and Turner statistically are the assists. Well, at least it should. However, not only does Turner average more points and rebounds than Wall does, he’s also really, really close in the assists department (Wall averages 6.2, Turner 5.8). Considering Turner is listed as a swing player, his assists average is surprising and telling which a great advantage for someone who is thinking of doing some college basketball betting. Granted, when you watch Ohio State play, you’ll see Turner doing a great deal of ball-handling and initiating the offense for the Buckeyes, regardless of what position he’s listed as.

When it comes to value, both players mean the world to their team. However, when Turner missed six games because of his broken back, Ohio State posted a 3-3 record. In Kentucky’s case, while Wall is extremely valuable, John Calipari has enough talent on the roster to have a successful season if the Great Wall of Kentucky wasn’t in Lexington.

It’s really hard to say the same about Ohio State and mean it.

With all of that in mind, it looks like Turner is a 1 and Wall is 1A; but then again, I’m not a voter. Thoughts? Comments? Other players who could be considered here? Let us know below.

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8 Responses to “John Wall or Evan Turner (Who Ya Got?)”

  1. #11 says:

    John Wall is definitely better He will be the one and is the one!!

  2. Chris Carrier says:

    Yes, but UK has had a significantly more successful season than Ohio State (thus far). Therefore, value to the team should be weighted by the team’s success. Otherwise, Devan Downey is the player of the year, hands down.

  3. Chris says:

    Oddly enough, Chris, Wall was SEC PoY and Cousins was FoY. Funny how that happens.

  4. Max says:

    Look at how bad Ohio State was when Turner was out…I think that Evan Turner is the clear cut player of the year.

  5. Byzantine says:

    The player of the year deserves to go to Evan Turner. The player of the year for UK should be the ref’s that don’t call any fouls on UK and especially Cousins! UK sucks!

  6. jason says:


  7. willis says:

    This is tough I mean John Wall is great when his team needs to be he definitely is clutch as good as john wall is I believe Evan Turner is just the better player he averages more and performs better under pressure Evan Turner should be the cover boy!!!

  8. I personally think they are equal. Evan turner has better stats because he has to do more for Ohio state to win. In oher words, can John wall get Evan turner’s stats if he played for Ohio state and Evan turner played for Kentucky? I think so. That is why they are equal. Vote for the better player at

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