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James Toney: Randy Couture is “On His Way to the Hospital”

Years from now, fight fans will debate whether James “Lights Out” Toney was better with his fists or running his mouth. He’s world class, hall of fame with both. Toney broke out some cliches from the boxing smack-talk handbook in his latest interview about his upcoming UFC fight with Randy Couture.

Here’s what the MMA rookie told WNST in Baltimore:

“Like you just said, you talk about Anderson Silva as the best striker in the division, I’m best the striker in the MMA period. I’m gonna show everybody how to punch for real. I’ve been in there with the best fighters in the world period. I ain’t talking about boxing or talking about MMA. Boxing is all that matters. Whatever it comes down to, when Randy Couture sees me ready to shoot that right hand up, I’m telling you he’s not even gonna see it coming, it’s gonna be over and he’s gonna be on his way to the hospital.”

While it’s certainly in the realm of possibility with Toney’s fast, powerful hands, the odds are against him. Couture is stronger, faster, in better shape and holds the edge in every facet of the game, save boxing. Toney can talk all the junk he wants, but when he walks into that cage for the first time, the bell rings and Randy Couture shoots a double and puts him on the ground, he’ll finally realize that “The MMA” isn’t a hobby. But at least for Toney’s sake, he’ll come to this realization with a big check in pocket.

h/t: Sports Radio Interviews via MMA Mania

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12 Responses to “James Toney: Randy Couture is “On His Way to the Hospital””

  1. anthony says:

    Randy Couture/mma/ufc is garbage.. the fighters can’t even fight it’s like soft porn..a guy with 10 loses u goin to call a legend… lmao. mma better win this fight all boxers are lookin @ this like if a boxer fight with a mma guy and win then your sport is a joke.. i hope randy couture know what he in 4..

  2. Fight 'N' With heart says:

    You mma cheer leaders shouldn’t get your panties all in a bunch. Toney is supposed to get his dose of medicine come Aug. 28 in Boston Mass. so you mma cheer leaders should just sit back, relax, and wallow in the satisfaction of watching Toney be beat. Just look at how the deck is stacked for couture:

    1)Toney has not one mma fight
    2)Toney has never fought in an octagon for a professional fight
    3)Toney has never fought with no shoes on in a professional fight
    4)Toney is way past his prime
    5)Toney exhibits far more wear and tear than couture (Toney has almost 90 fights)
    6)Toney is not a wrestler and couture is exactly just that
    7)Toney is fighting under couture’s rule where couture can implement his wrestling
    8)Dana White is out to make an example of Toney
    9)Most, if not all, of the ufc fans hate Toney

    Damn, I wish somebody stacked things in my favor when I fought, the way they are stacked for couture. I’d be unbeatable. Looks like couture has no excuses to be losing in that cage so please stop manufacturing excuses for a possible Toney victory by saying that all Toney has is luck. I think any reasonable and intelligent person would realize that with such odds, you need to make your own luck because to think you’re going to get lucky, doesn’t make sense. So, should Toney win, chalk it up to the fact that he made it happen with sheer talent, heart, and determination, because no one is that lucky. Couture has no excuses. Not when the deck is stacked like this.

  3. Jay says:

    Well Figh “N” With Heart, you really have a weak arguement:
    1. Toney chased Dana White all over the country looking for this fight.
    2. He’s been dissing MMA from the beginning, saying he’s going to knock everyone out.
    3. Couture is 6 years older than Toney.
    4. Toney is allowed do all the boxing that he wants in this fight (whatever good it will do).
    Everyone’s getting the excuses ready for Toney already.

  4. Fight 'N' With heart says:

    Who’s making excuses???? I am simply citing facts, am I not???? You want to cite that couture is 6 years older than Toney but you don’t want to admit that Toney is far more damaged physically than couture. Almost 90 fights in professional boxing isn’t the same as 38 fights in mma. It’s harder and more taxing on the body in boxing.

    And who’s making excuses???? I share the same opinion of the mma community. Toney is supposed to lose if you look at how everything is against him so I’m not making excuses, Like I said, looking at the facts it is clear that Toney should do anything but win and couture should do anything but lose.

    Don’t you agree, after looking at the situation, that Toney doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell???? By the way, this is also the opinion of many so-called mma experts. So, again, no excuses here. I’m with you mma fans in that I also believe that the deck is stacked so thoroughly, that Toney shouldn’t win. This is also not randy Medioc’ure’ couture’s fault either. couture is going to take the advantages and run with them.

  5. Kenzen says:

    Anthony, What the hell do you mean,”What he in 4″? James Tony is in for the ass kicking of his life. He is going to eat elbows,get his knees taken out.He is going to cover and cry on the matt. So don’t cry or call foul.He is just a big mouth dumb ass getting what he deserves. Man up. Step on in to the future.

  6. Kenzen says:

    Fight’N” with Heart, C’mon man you know it’s a money thing.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. We just want to see a boxer in the UFC. I’ll bet we see Cyborg fight a man soon. More$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I know I will be watching.

  7. Spanker says:

    Anyone see the parallels with Rocky IV here? I figure Couture is Apollo Creed. Toney is Drago. Everyone’s laughing saying this goof doesn’t have a chance… Until the fight starts and someone gets seriously hurt.

    Brocky will be sitting in Couture’s corner lapping up the fanfare. Until the fight starts and he sees what he could be in for in the future.

  8. kwylogb says:

    I really hope Randy wins this fight but Randy has been ko’d too many times so I’m a little perturbed that Dana put him up to fight JT. He should take this fight to the ground and put a spanking on Toney (a la Tito Ortiz) but that’s why you fight.

    Say whatever you want but skill for skill I don’t see this being close to even. JT can take anyone’s punch but let’s see what happens when a mat is under his head while being punched in the face.

    In the end if it’s a good fight I really don’t care who wins but I’m not sure I’ll ever root for Toney even if he does go against another MMA heel. KUDOS to JT for stepping up. I don’t think another \prime time\ boxer would have the guts.

  9. aztec says:

    @Fight ‘N’ Heart

    Sounds to me like boxing guys are scared and trying to make every excuse.

    1. No he has not had an MMA fight, but he asked for this. Remember he asked to fight Brock Lesnar. He shouldn’t have a a problem fighting someone that lost to him.

    2. See number one.

    3. Shoes? If you are bringing this up then you are really desperate.

    4. Couture is no spring chicken.

    5. Couture has had over 100 high level wrestling matches. That is top of the food chain matches. Plus his MMA career. Aside from that I have heard claims that Toney exhibits the shape of a 30 yr old.

    6. Toney is a boxer and Couture is not that.

    7. Last I checked they were not called Couture’s rules of MMA. The same rules that allow Couture to use wrestling allow Toney to use boxing.

    8. Toney came to White and started running his mouth. Rumor is that White offered to let him fight Kimbo first and he refused.

    9. I don’t think MMA fans hate Toney. I don’t. I am just tired of him running his mouth. I am also tired of this getting talked about as the answer to MMA vs Boxing. That was done back in 1993. Art Jimmerson tapped out to Royce Gracie. He didn’t tap because of strikes or some strange submission. He tapped because he was on his back and had no idea what to do.

    Can Toney win this thing. Of course. That is what is so great about MMA. But if Couture gets his hands on him then it is probably over for Toney. There is nothing stacked about this match.

  10. aztec says:


    Yes Couture has 10 losses. Yes he is a legend for the sport. What makes MMA so great is that one little mistake can lead to the heavy favorite losing. But look at who Couture has fought before you start talking.



    Those are some good fighters to lose to.

  11. Borat says:

    Yes the cards are definitely stacked against Toney. But Dana White is not a weasel for setting the fight up as it is (he’s a weasel for many other reasons). He put forth a best case scenario for UFC and Couture and James, in his typical confidence, agreed to having so many cards stacked against him. What SHOULD be done, and I think Couture being the guy that he is would totally agree to, is that they should rematch (after Toney loses) under Marquess of Queensberry rules.

    MMA = Couture wins 9 out of 10

    Boxing = Toney wins 11 out of 10

  12. Aztec says:

    @Borat All you boxing fans seem to forget that Toney asked for this. Stop whining because he came into the UFC running his mouth. Couture hasn’t asked to be a boxer. The the idea that the should fight Toney under those rules is absurd.

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