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Added February 16th, 2010 by Shea

Is NBC Ruining The Olympic-Viewing Experience?
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Four days into the 2010 Winter Olympics and there appears to be some unrest amongst viewers and, really, everyone in general. Apparently, these people aren’t fans of NBC’s coverage. I mean, who wouldn’t like tape delays, boring interviews and commercial upon commercial, with just the slightest hint of action?

There have been some things to root for: Bode Miller’s gold-medal victory (it’s apparently easier to ski when you’re not intoxicated; who knew?) and Apollo Anton Ohno come to mind, but the overwhelming consensus is that the Olympics are bad … so far, anyway. And the majority of that has to do with how they have been covered.

Who might be to blame for this disappointing start to a much-hyped 16-day smorgasbord of cold-weather athletics? Dick Ebersol, NBC Exec., that’s who. The same guy who lost the NBA, NFL and MLB for NBC, and called Conan O’ Brien an astounding failure. What a doofus, amirite? Get your shit together, Dick.

The point is, NBC is blowing this thing big time. The question is, will they do anything to turn it around? They have t-minus 12 days and counting.

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3 Responses to “Is NBC Ruining The Olympic-Viewing Experience?”

  1. richard says:

    NBC Olympics coverage is lousy. Its not the sportscasters. Its the people that are running it. It seems the fantastic coverage the ABC had with Jim Mckay, Keith Jackson….. those days are gone.
    There sports should be covered live. The West Coast should be seeing everything live. I think their coverage of the Opening ceremony was in a word despicable. It was on until midnite on the West Coast. It was over in Vancouver around 10:00. Those of us that are lucky to live in the State of Washington had the CBC to watch on thier natiional news.
    CBC coverage is much better than what we are seeing in the lower 48. Yes its on CTV.
    The interesting things is ESPN is showing the results of these competitions while the taped version is being shown on NBC. Its seems NBC only cares about the bottom line.

  2. Robert says:

    Boycott NBC, boycott nbc.com, and boycott the advertisers. Start enjoying the Olympics – watch the Olympics online, there are a bunch of feeds all over. You can watch alpine skiing live, you can watch snowboarding live, you can watch free style skiing live, you can watch all the other events NBC refuses to show live. NBC couldn’t care less about the Olympics, they are trying to herd everyone into watching highlights & tape delay events during primetime. It is February Sweeps. To heck with February Sweeps, to heck with NBC. Sit back and watch the Olympics as they were meant to be viewed: live.

  3. David Glisan says:

    What’s sad is that NBC’s website is doing a significantly better job of covering the games than the TV network. After the whole Conan O’Brien debacle I’m not exactly going out of my way to watch NBC and as a betting man I have little interest in watching the event after the results are known. The idea that you can delay the results until the tape delay broadcast airs in the Internet era is absurd.

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