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Is Mark Mangino a Big Fat Jerk? – SportsUntapped.com
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Added November 19th, 2009 by Sooze

Is Mark Mangino a Big Fat Jerk?
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That’s what some of his former players are saying about the Kansas Jayhawks coach.

I’m hoping we can all agree that sometimes emotional abuse is just as detrimental to a young person’s well-being as physical abuse. That being said, some folks are calling for Mangino’s firing after several reports of alleged past abusive behavior have surfaced.

Former players of the rotund man are criticizing his tough love style, including Raymond Brown, who says Mangino threatened to send him home, where he might be shot like his little brother had been just days before. Because he dared to drop a pass in practice. A bit harsh in my opinion.

Another player claims that Mangino made asshole remarks about a teammate’s father being an alcoholic. I guess I’m not sure what some guy’s dad being a booze hound has to do with a player’s performance on the field, but everyone’s coaching style is different.

Speaking of which, Mangino just so happens to be the most effective coach Kansas has ever had. Between 1947-2002, they managed to make it to just eight bowl games with a 3-5 record. Since 2002 when Mangino took over, they’ve been to four bowl games, losing just one. Whatever he’s been doing, it’s working.

Of course, Mangino was not available for comment, which was probably a good thing since he might have just said something insensitive about the reporter’s mother. More on this as the story unfolds!

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One Response to “Is Mark Mangino a Big Fat Jerk?”

  1. player says:

    People who defend that man have no idea the full extent of what he did. I’m a former walk-on, and yes I will admit I’m still bitter about some things, but I was witness numerous incidences! I was there when he ripped into Crawford, and when he ripped into him again in the locker room! Some of the reports that never made it public would shock you and that’s saying something if you have read the allegations by Raymond and Rivera. Once, Dez Briscoe was a minute late coming back to are team meeting, and only because he was waiting in line for poweraid, and the hate speech that insued was beyond comprehension, it went way beyond discipline. That video of Mangino blowing up on Pendleton, is just a taste of what happened at almost EVERY practice that wasn’t open to the Public.

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