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Illegal Headbutt Sparks Full-Fledged Fight Brawl

Planet Battle in Hong Kong lives up to its name. Why? Because the whole ring was filled with people throwing hands near the end of the Alain Ngalaini and Ramazan Ramazanov bout. Here is the video from the kickboxing event, which took place last weekend.

Alain Ngalaini threw the illegal headbutt, then it was Ramazan Ramazanov with the retaliatory elbow. Then it was chaos as both corners entered the ring and a melee ensued. I love how the P.A. announcer repeatedly yells “Enough! Enough! Enough!”

It’s too bad something like this happened because both are said to be world-class kickboxers. How detrimental it will be to their careers is anyone’s guess, but it certainly can’t help. Especially after the recent “It’s Showtime” incident, when Badr Hari was disqualified and stripped of his title after kicking Hesdy Gerges while he was trying to get up after a slip.

This type of behavior sets combat sports back after making so much progress in the mainstream. Promoters and sanctioning bodies need to continue with harsh penalties and fines for such actions.

h/t: Head Kick Legend

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One Response to “Illegal Headbutt Sparks Full-Fledged Fight Brawl”

  1. b says:

    Much of the fault here lies with the ref. he should have stopped the action after the foul and gotten control of the situation. Because of the ineffectiveness of the ref one corner felt they had to get in the ring to protect their fighter. And obviously if the other corner enters the ring then you have to get in there as well and protect your fighter from the mob.

    Fine the Ref.

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