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Halladay Wins Game 5 Despite Phantom Groin Injury – SportsUntapped.com
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Halladay Wins Game 5 Despite Phantom Groin Injury
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For the second time in the NLCS, the Tim Lincecum-Roy Halladay dream matchup didn’t quite live up to the hype. Giants ace Lincecum had one bad inning to take the loss, letting the Phillies stay alive and take the series back to Philadelphia. Roy “Billie” Halladay, Mr. Complete Game, lasted only six innings while allowing two runs, six hits and two walks. But at least Lincecum didn’t make up a “mild groin injury.”

Struggling for answers as to why Halladay struggled so badly and was in so many uncharacteristic three-ball counts, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel couldn’t just give credit to the Giants, who have hit Halladay well all series and all season long. Manuel couldn’t just admit that Halladay’s Division Series no-hitter and all those complete games were a mirage covering a weak-hearted pitcher who was clearly overwhelmed by the magnitude of World Series expectations after spending his entire overhyped career toiling safely in third-place mediocrity in deepest, darkest, coldest Canada. Instead of just admitting Halladay lacks balls, Manuel went with groin pull.

“Second inning, Halladay, he had a mild groin pull,” the ancient Phillies manager said — with a straight face! “His right groin. And he pitched like — of course he stayed in there.”

Halladay went along with the ridiculous ruse. “I tried to adjust things so it didn’t bother me,” he managed to say despite his mild groin pain.

I’m not buying it. Halladay was already having control problems in the first inning, which he was lucky to get out of only giving up one run after issuing a leadoff walk to Andres Torres.

What’s ironic about this phantom groin pull is that Halladay probably pitched the best postseason game — really the best game — of his life. Sure there was the NLDS opener no-hitter, but Halladay had a four-run lead through the last seven innings of that and the stakes were nowhere near as high. But I guess that’s harder for Charlie Manuel to explain than trying to preserve the myth and hype of Roy Halladay’s phantom pitching prowess.

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  1. Paulie says:

    i dont understand why you san fran ho mo’s think Lincecum is a better pitcher than Halladay? did you see that halladay was on the bike in between innings?? i guess he was just doing that for fun? i think you are just a little bit upset that all the pressure in the world is on your mediocre giants team..or maybe a little worried that you have to go back to philly and go up against oswalt and hamels

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