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Added March 4th, 2010 by Chris

Greivis Vasquez’s Beard is Weird
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Yes, I know I’m talking about a goatee; but hell, a beard is comprised of chin hair, and besides, the phrase “your goatee is weird” doesn’t have the same panache as saying “your beard is weird.” It’s all about the rhyme. Anyway, Greivis Vasquez is a lot of things: A helluva a point guard, a charismatic presence and perhaps the ACC Player of the year, but none of that changes the fact that, because of the Vanilla Ice-like lines in his goatee, that his facial hair is odd-looking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually one to knock another man’s hustle, but some things warrant a discussion. Fortunately, Vasquez’ lined beard does just that.

Sure he’s was sublimely brilliant against Duke, especially with that game-winner, but through it all, Vazquez’ facial hair was last night’s winner.

First, Vasquez’ winning shot/layup/prayer:

I have to wonder just how many times Vasquez could hit that shot out of ten attempts, under the same conditions. I’m going low here. Maybe three times.

Here’s another look at the Vasquez line goatee, something I’m hoping will become a fashion staple, especially around College Park, Maryland. Who knows, perhaps Maryland students offer an alteration of the Kansas State’s “Fear the Beard” group supporting Jacob Pullen? Something like, “The Lines are Fine” would work.

Greivis Vasquez's Beard

Whatever the case may be about Vasquez’ beard, I have no doubt opposing coaches about facing a Maryland squad with him leading the way. The lines in the beard are just there for emphasis purposes.

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2 Responses to “Greivis Vasquez’s Beard is Weird”

  1. Sooze says:

    You made a rhyme. 🙂

  2. B-mac says:

    I say we name it The Cartel Goatee.

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