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Great athletes with bad career records
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There are a lot of great athletes and former greats out there who hold records for being the best and for being the worst in specific areas of their sports. This came to light recently when basketball star Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers made the history books by missing a field goal for the 13, 418th time in his distinguished career. Bryant has now missed more free thrown in NBA history as he passed John Havlicek by one to claim the dubious record as his own.

However, the reason many great athletes hold records for being the “worst” is usually due to their longevity in their sport. For instance, while Bryant may have missed the most shots in the NBA he’s also number four on the all-time scoring list because he’s been in the league for close to 20 seasons. Bryant isn’t the only great athlete to hold one of these records and we’ll take a look at some other all-time greats who are in the record books for the right and wrong reasons.

Dan Reeves

Dan Reeves coached for 23 years in the NFL with the Falcons and Broncos and managed to win four straight conference championships. But he’s in the record books for the most losses ever at 165.

Brett Favre

Brett Favre will go down in history as one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks, but he currently owns the record for throwing the most interceptions with 336. In addition, he also holds the league’s record for 166 fumbles.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played 20 years in the NBA and will be remembered as one of the best to bounce a ball. But the record he holds is for personal fouls with 4,657 of them.

Martin Brodeur

NHL goalie Martin Brodeur hasn’t officially retired yet, but the 42-year-old free agent doesn’t have a team right now. He’s played 21 campaigns in the league and holds the record for the most wins at 688, the most shutouts with and the most games played by a goalie at 1,259. But he also holds the all-time records for most losses with 394 and the most goals against at 2,764.

Nolan Ryan, 2795

Pitcher Nolan Ryan holds the MLB record for strikeouts with 5,714. However, Ryan also holds the dubious mark for most walks as he put 2,795 batters on first base during his career when walking them. The second-most walks were issued by Steve Carlton with 1,833, meaning Ryan walked close to 1,000 more batters. Of course, Ryan pitched for a MLB record 27 years though.

Cy Young

There’s a Major League Baseball trophy named after Cy Young which is awarded to the best pitchers in the American and National League every season. This is because he’s one of the best-ever pitchers to throw a ball. Young played in the Majors for 22 years and holds the record for the most wins at 511. However, he’s also been tagged with the most losses with 316.

Rickey Henderson

There’s no doubt that Rickey Henderson knew how to steal bases like no other.
Henderson stole 1,406 bases during his 25-year-career which is the all-time MLB record, but he was also caught stealing 335 times to hold that record as well. Henderson retired with a remarkable 80.75 per cent success rate in base stealing. Henderson also holds the record for runs scored with 2,295, unintentional walks and career leadoff homers with 98. The Man of Steal also holds the single-season base-stealing record with 130.

Reggie Jackson

Most fans will remember former baseball slugger Reggie Jackson by his nickname of Mr. October. But Jackson holds the MLB record for striking out a league record 2,597 times during his 21-year career. Jackson came close to being overtaken by Jim Thome, but Thome packed it in back in 2012 when he was 49 strikeouts behind Jackson’s mark.

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