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PGA Championship Betting

The PGA Championship is one of the four majors played each year. As one of the most prestigious tournaments, of course a lot of punters love to bet on this tournament. For players, the 2010 PGA Championship has $7,500,000 up for grabs. To watch the tournament on television, it will be aired on TNT and CBS.

The 2010 PGA Championship runs from Thursday, August 12th through Sunday, August 15th. The tournament will be played at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Golf Betting

#1 – Bodog Sportsbook: For the shear volume alone, Bodog is the #1 golf betting sportsbook. Not only are they one of the premier sportsbooks in the world, but when it comes to golf betting Bodog really stands out. They offer match up bets, tournament winners, and literally hundreds of prop bets for every PGA event of the year. For the 2010 PGA Championship there are so many prop bets available that anyone can find something fun to bet on.

For tournament winner bets, Bodog offers some of the best odds in the industry. Of course every serious bettor should have accounts at multiple online sportsbooks for comparing odds, but the sportsbook to start with is Bodog.

The Bodog Sportsbook welcomes US bettors, as well as punters from around the world. Plenty of simple deposit options are available, including Visa debit & credit cards, Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, and several other options as well.

Bodog is known for having one of, if not the very best customer service departments in online gaming. They’re open 24/7 via phone, live chat, or email. For US customers who may have a difficult time making Visa deposits, calling the customer service department can often help.

PGA Championship golf betting limits range from $5 – $5000. Depending on the type of bet you’re making will also determine the maximum bet amount.

Bet on Golf at the Bodog Sportsbook

#2 – We love for a number of reasons, mainly because they’re such a huge site with tons of betting options. They’re also one of the most secure online sportsbooks, meaning that your money is always safe. Bookmaker is a US friendly site. offers betting on every major golf tournament of the year, and tons betting options for the majors. Plenty of prop bets to keep serious bettors happy, with odds as good as anyone in the industry.

Customer service is right up there with Bodog, with 24/7 phone, live chat, and email support. There staff is very courteous and knowledgeable as well.

Bet on Golf at

#3 – BetUS: Another great site for golf bettors. BetUS offers matchup bets, tournament winners, and plenty of props. Clearly a US friendly sportsbook, BetUS offers plenty of simple deposit methods for US players as well as punters all over the world. The only major drawback is that Canadian bettors are not allowed.

We recommend BetUS to recreational bettors more than professionals, but even pro’s should have an account here to compare odds.

Customer service is very good, available 24/7 via phone or email.

Bet on Golf at BetUS

More Great Golf Betting Sites

Ways to Bet on PGA Golf Tournaments

Tournament Winner: The most common way to bet on golf is by picking the outright winner of a tournament. Most online sports betting sites offer odds in the 15/1 – 20/1 range for the favorites, and in the 25/1 – 100/1 range for everyone else. The payoffs can be huge, but with so many players in each tournament, it’s hard to pick the winner.

The benefit of a bet like this is that you don’t have to commit a large bet to win a nice payout. However, since Tiger Woods has been playing poorly the last 12+ months, the field is now wide open and more players have a shot at winning.

As each day concludes, new odds for the following day are created. So, you don’t have to place your bet before the tournament starts. If Phil Mickelson has a 2 stroke lead going into Friday, his odds will go down. If Tiger Woods is 6 shots back, his odds will go up.

Match Up Bets: Match up bets are bets where two players are pitted against each other, and your job is to decide who will finish higher in the tournament.

These are attractive bets because your player only has to beat one guy. Since it’s difficult to pick tournament winners, sportsbooks created match up bets to have a way for punters to find more realistic bets they can win, thus creating more betting action. Match up bets look like this:

Justin Rose -110 vs Ben Crane -120.

While both of these players have negative (-) money lines, some match up bets will have one player listed with a positive (+) money line. The player with the largest number behind the ‘-‘ is the favorite, so in this case it’s Ben Crane.

If you were to pick Justin Rose in this match up, you would have to wager $110 to make $100 in profit. For Ben Crane, it would require a bet of $120 to win $100. Negative lines always show the amount of money needed to wager to win $100. Of course, you don’t have to bet that much, it’s just the mathematical system used for these types of bets.

For positive money lines, the number behind the ‘+’ indicates the amount of money that could be won from a $100 wager. So, if you see a player listed at +135, a $100 wager on him would result in a $135 profit if he wins.

Prop Bets: Golf is one of the best sports for people who like to bet on props. Similar to being at your favorite restaurant when you’re starving, there are so many options to choose from that it’s hard to make a choice. Since the PGA Championship is one of the four majors, of course there’s no shortage of prop bets available for this tournament.

At different online sportsbooks you’ll find a wide variety of prop bets. Since every sportsbook offers their own set of props, it’s a good idea to have accounts at multiple online sportsbooks. This gives you the ability to compare props and find the bets which look the most attractive.

If you’re not familiar with prop bets, they’re bets where pretty much anything goes. Sportsbooks will offer props on certain players making the cut, making the top 10, shooting under a specific score, beating another player, top Asian player, top European player and so on.

If you’re looking for some crazy odds, you can bet on specific players scoring a hole-in-one, for odds in the +8000 through +10,000 range. If you’re lucky enough to hit one of these, a $20 bet would result in a $2000 win. Tough to hit, but a huge payoff.

Anything that the sportsbooks can create interesting odds for, you can probably find being offered.

Our favorite online sportsbook for golf prop bets is the Bodog Sportsbook. They offer all sorts of props, and great odds for them.

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