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Golf Betting

Golf betting has become very popular with sports bettors for a number of reasons. First, during the spring and summer months, there are tournaments running every week for the PGA and LPGA. Since picking tournament winners is so tough, sportsbooks offer tons of other betting options that make it more realistic to win bets. This has also made golf betting much more popular.

The Bodog Sportsbook is #1 for Golf Betting

Also, millions of people play golf around the world, and many of them are men who like to bet while they play. Since golfers are so passionate about their sport, they also watch it on television every weekend, and like to bet on the top players. Many golfers are very affluent as well, making it a great sport for online sportsbooks to exploit.

Every golf fan knows that since the Tiger Woods debacle in 2009, he hasn’t been playing very well. This has only made golf more interesting to bet on. No longer do you click the box for Tiger and consider it a win. With Tiger’s game dropping off recently, many other golfers are winning tournaments right now.

While LPGA betting isn’t as popular as betting on the PGA Tour, there are a lot of opportunities to find value on the ladies tour. Big names are retiring and some younger players have been making names for themselves.

With less focus on the LPGA, sportsbooks put less of their resources into LPGA odds. There are fewer betting options for the LPGA Tour, but for those that follow womens golf closely, it’s easier to find value than on the PGA Tour.

Best Sportsbooks for PGA and LPGA Golf Betting

#1 – Bodog Sportsbook: It’s very possible that Bodog offers the largest volume of PGA and LPGA golf bets in the industry. They have all of the most common types of bets like match ups and tournament winners, but they also offer dozens of prop bets for every PGA tournament. For the four majors, punters can choose from hundreds of prop bets.

Bodog also offers 3 Ball betting and dozens of futures bets. Fully committed to golf betting, Bodog has some of the best odds for all types of bets.

The Bodog Sportsbook was established in 1994, and eternity ago in terms of the internet. With a complete online casino and poker room as well, Bodog is the largest online gaming company in the world. They are licensed by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group in Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada.

The Bodog customer support department is possibly the best in online gaming. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and available 24 hours a day. They can be reached by phone, live chat, or email. Emails are typically answered within a few hours, if not quicker.

While US customers are welcome at Bodog, making deposits can sometimes be challenging. For the easiest deposits, try your Visa credit or debit cards first. If your deposit doesn’t go through, contact customer service who can help you through this process. Not only do they have ways to manually run your credit cards, but they can also offer other deposit methods that will work.

For non-US punters, all of the best deposit methods are available to you. Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, eWalletXpress, and many other deposit options can be used.

Withdrawals at Bodog are simple and extremely fast. Even for US customers, payouts are usually executed within 3 days.

Whether you’re a recreational golf bettor or a professional, the Bodog Sportsbook is the place to start. They offer more bets, have great financial security, and a reputation for excellent service for nearly 15 years.

Visit the Bodog Sportsbook

#2 – The Bookmaker Sportsbook is not only huge, but they have a reputation as good as their betting lines. As one of the giants in the industry, their financial security is excellent, and they accept the largest wagers in online sports betting. These features make the ideal sportsbook for professional bettors.

Bookmaker offers a nice selection of golf wagers, including prop bets for every major tournament. Head to head match up bets are available, with maximum betting limits up to $5000 online, or $20,000 over the phone. For those who want to wager even more, this can be done by contacting the customer service department. Bookmaker has been catering to the professional bettor for several years now, and it shows in their excellent support.

US bettors are welcome, and several good deposit options are available. These include Visa debit & credit cards, Click2Pay, eWalletXpress, bank wire and more.

For those outside the US, Bookmaker offers dozens of easy deposit methods. These include Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Amex, Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, EcoCard, Pic-Club, JCB, eWalletXpress, ClickandBuy, PaySafeCard, bank wire, and more.


#3 – BetUS: This sportsbook has been making a lot of strides recently. With more lines, better odds, and new deposit options available, BetUS should continue to see a lot of growth in their customer base. US bettors are accepted, but unfortunately Canadian bettors are not.

Wagers up to $5000 are accepted, depending on the type of bet you’re placing. BetUS runs lines for all PGA tournaments, Masters betting, and some of the larger LPGA tournaments as well. Match up bets, tournament winners, and lots of prop bets are available – especially during the four majors.

For US bettors, BetUS accepts Visa credit and debit cards, as well as eWalletXpress, Click2Pay and more. For those outside the US, plenty of easy deposit options are available, including Neteller, Moneybookers, Visa, Mastercard and more.

Visit the BetUS Sportsbook

Types of Golf Bets

Head to Head Match Up Bets: Since it’s difficult to pick tournament winners, sportsbooks offer bets where two closely matched players are pitted against one another. The odds are generally very close, often with both players having negative money lines.

For this example we are using American odds. At most online sportsbooks however, you can view odds in fractional or decimal as well. Look for a button with this option when you visit any sportsbook.

For example:

Tiger Woods -120 vs Phil Mickelson – 110

In this example, Tiger Woods is a slight favorite, requiring a bet of $120 to win $100 in profit. Phil Mickelson is a slight underdog, requiring a bet of $110 to win $100.

Money lines are based on the $100 figure. For negative (-) money lines, the dollar amount after the ‘-‘ represents the amount of money you would need to wager to win $100 more. So, for Tiger Woods, you would need to wager $120 to win $100 more, for a total return of $220.

In head to head match up bets, positive (+) money lines always represent the underdog. A positive money line shows the amount of money that could be won from a $100 bet. So, a +135 would mean that you would win $135 from a $100 wager, for a total return of $235.

Pick the Tournament Winner: This bet is exactly what it sounds like. Online sportsbooks will offer odds on all of the top players, generally ranging from 15/1 up to 100/1. If you pick the player that ultimately wins the tournament, you win the corresponding odds.

While these are simple bets to make, they are tough to win. Especially these days when Tiger Woods is not the favorite he was, this means the field is wide open. With all of that said, if you hit one of these bets, the huge odds would translate into a big win.

Our advice for placing these types of bets is to keep your bets small. A $30 bet on a 35/1 winner would pay out $1050, not a bad payday for such a small risk.

Golf Prop Bets: While prop bets can be tough to win, they can also pay out huge profits. This is why prop betting on golf is so popular.

Props (propositions) are bets where a sportsbook offers odds on whatever they think will interest bettors. In golf, prop bets can include things like the following:

  • Players hitting a hole-in-one
  • Players making the cut
  • Players finishing in the top ten
  • If a player will shoot under a certain score
  • Who will be the top Scandinavian player, or Asian, European etc..

Basically, if the lines maker can think of it and come up with odds that make sense, it could become a prop bet.

Prop bets can be a lot of fun, especially when they’re creative. For the highest volume of prop bets, and the most creative ones as well, check out the Bodog Sportsbook. The great variety of prop bets available at Bodog is one of the reasons we rank this as our #1 sportsbook for golf bettors.

Golf Futures Bets

Futures bets are bets placed in advance of a sporting event taking place. For example, weeks or months before the Ryder Cup, you can place a bet on who you think will win. The same goes for each of the four major tournaments of the year.

The benefit of placing futures bets is that you can often get good odds. In golf however, futures bets can be very difficult to pick. Often times, these bets come down to luck, where knowledge and research mean very little.

Another problem with futures bets is that bettors have to wait a long time to get paid (because the events haven’t even started yet), assuming they’re lucky enough to win.

For these reasons, we suggest limiting the size of your futures bets to what you can 1/ easily afford to lose, and 2/ won’t hamper your bankroll for placing other bets.

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