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Added June 22nd, 2010 by Kyle Wanchalk

Giant Wins For Giant Teams in the 2010 World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo’s promise came true today in Portugal’s match against Korea DPR. Out of 7 goals scored by the Portugese, Ronaldo netted 1. Some might call the goal that was kicked up by the keeper, dribbled on Ronaldo’s head, then tucked away into a gaping net skill, but I personally call that luck. Nonetheless Portugal got a well deserved win against a North Korean side who was bound to self destruct at any point after their 2-1 loss to Brazil. After all, no one really expected too much from the Asian squad to begin with.

This 7 goal thumping gives World Cup fans something they haven’t seen too often in this year’s cup, a win from the team that should, in fact, win. Finally a team that on paper was far better than their opponent came out and played up to their level instead of playing down to the level of their opponents. And also in today’s late game, the recently upset Spanish came out firing against a less than stellar Honduras side who has yet to score a goal in the World Cup. Is the tide turning? Are the giant teams finally beginning to find their rhythm? We’ll truly find out tomorrow when France takes on a Khune-less South African squad. We will also find out if Argentina will become the first team this year to go through the group stage with a perfect 9 points out of 9.

My Prediction for both matches is a 2-1 France victory over South Africa, and a 2-1 Argentina win over Greece.

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