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German soccer club lands sponsorship deal with brothel – SportsUntapped.com
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German soccer club lands sponsorship deal with brothel
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When you’re a struggling football team in the second division of the German Bundesliga it appears you’ll be willing to make a sponsorship deal with just about anyone, including the local whorehouse. This is the case of SV Sandhausen as the club recently worked out a bit of a controversial partnership with a bordello called the Bienenstock Eros Center in Heidelberg. The name of the brothel translates in English to the Beehive and it calls itself the world’s first eco-friendly brothel since it is located in an energy-efficient building which is owed by the city.

It’s not known what exactly the relationship between the brothel and team is, but it’s unlikely that players and team members will be receiving any two-for-one deals, freebies or discounts. Jurgen Machmeier, who is the general manager of the football club, said the brothel is quite serious about is sponsorship duties. He added that he doesn’t have any problems with the bordello’s specific type of business because, “alcohol and cigarettes are regularly being promoted, too, after all.”

According to the German newspaper Bild, the partnership between the two enables the brothel to advertise its business in the team’s game day programs as well as on the club’s advertising boards at its home stadium known as the Hartwaldstadion. However, there won’t be any nudity allowed in the advertising campaigns even though supporters are offered special perks. According to the ads, the brothel features between 20 and 30 horny women who are rotated on a daily basis.

The bordello offers 30 rooms to its customers and it was opened officially last year by Vivian Schmitt, who is a well known porn star in Germany. Machmeier told the press that the club is hurting for cash so the money the Bienenstock has provided has definitely helped out. But while the ads may be helping out off the pitch, Sandhausen is still struggling in the league. After 29 league games the squad was sitting in 13th place in the 18-team league with just 33 points from 10 wins, six draws and 13 losses. They’ve also lost seven of their past eight matches and have failed to score a goal in four of them.

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