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German international Max Kruse fined 50,000 euros for odd reasons – SportsUntapped.com
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German international Max Kruse fined 50,000 euros for odd reasons
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Max Kruse, a 28-year-old German international striker who plays for Bundesliga club Wolfsburg has been in the headlines for a couple of odd reasons recently. The first occasion was due to the player leaving 75,000 euros in a taxi after winning the money during a poker game. For some reason, Kruse was handed a 25,000 euro fine for his forgetfulness. It’s unclear why the player was fined by the team since he won the cash legitimately at a World Series of Poker tournament which took place last October in Berlin.

Kruse played in a match against Hoffenheim the day before entering the poker tournament, so it’s hard to understand what exactly he did wrong. The striker is reportedly quite good at the poker table as he’s won a considerable amount of money in the past and placed well at a 2014 World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas. Kruse, got a hold of the local police after he realized he left the money in the taxi, but it hasn’t been returned as of yet and likely never will.

Klaus Allofs, the sporting executive of Wolfsburg, told the media that professional footballers have certain obligations and duties they need to adhere to and stated, “You might be a private person as a footballer when you’re in bed, but at any other point you’re also an employee of the club. We have explained to him what sort of behaviour we expect from our players. I can only hope that he has been taught a lesson and will change his behaviour.”

Even though the incident took place towards the end of last year, it didn’t reach the headlines until just recently. Also, Allofs didn’t clarify what club rules Kruse broke with his actions. Kruse’s name then made the newspapers just last week as it was reported that he was dropped from the German national squad for a pair of pre-Euro 2016 games in late March. The report suggested that the player was dropped by manager Joachim Loew because of the poker incident and because Kruse is addicted to a chocolate/hazelnut food spread called Nutella.

But there’s likely more to this story than just an addiction to Nutella as Kruse also reportedly grabbed a woman’s mobile phone in a Berlin nightclub as she attempted to take photos of him when he was out trying to celebrate his birthday back on March 19th. Kruse apologized for the incident, but was fined another 25,000 euros and told not to bother showing up for the national team for the time being.

Loew also laid into Kruse as he said Germany needs players to be focused on football and they also need to understand that they’re role models. The manager added that he spoke to the player and told him what was expected and remarked, “His actions in the last weeks were unprofessional.”

But that doesn’t really explain the Nutella reference. However, it turns out that Wolfsburg has also been on Kruse’s case due to his diet. The club said Kruse needs to change a few things so he can perform at his best for the squad. According to the ingredients of Nutella, it contains 100 calories per tablespoon as well as six grams of fat, which is about 10 per cent of a recommended daily allowance in just one spoon’s worth.

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