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Furyk Oversleeps, Disqualified From The Barclays
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Jim Furyk woke up Wednesday ranked sixth in the world.  Unfortunately, he also woke up late because his cell phone lost power and he had no backup alarm set. Despite racing to the golf course with no belt or socks, Furyk arrived after his 7:30 a.m. pro-am tee time, and was disqualified from The Barclays, the first round of the PGA Tour’s FedExCup playoffs. Furyk was bummed, but accepted responsibility.

Furyk was ranked third in the FedExCup standings and will still be able to play in the next round of the playoffs at the Deutsche Bank Championship.  Furyk could potentially fall as low as 19th in the standings, but the top 100 in the standings make the second round tournament, and then the top 70 advance to the third round.

“I’ve got no one to blame but myself,” Furyk said, adding that he was especially bummed out that he may have “severely hurt a good year” by oversleeping. However, fellow American Phil Mickelson, ranked #2 in the world, thinks the rule that requires players to play in and be on time to pro-ams is crap.

Mickelson blasted PGA commissioner Tim Finchem:

I cannot disagree with it more. I have no idea how the commissioner let this rule go through. It’s ridiculous. The rule itself applies to only half the field. … Not everybody played the Pro-Am. It can’t be disqualification if it only applies to half the field. This rule – it’s not protecting the players, it’s not protecting the sponsors.

Mickelson’s right — it is a pretty stupid rule.  Furyk might have missed a hole or two of the pro-am but could have taken over for an alternate for the last 16 holes.  It seems like a fine would be plenty.  But Furyk knew the rule and should have planned for it — especially with a $10 million bonus on the line for winning the FedExCup.

Hurting his playoff chances was Furyk’s main concern:

No matter what tournament it was, I’d be upset. But I’m more upset because it is this one. We are here at the end of the deal. I played my heart out all year.

Furyk’s disqualification leaves a field of 121 players completing at The Barclays.

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