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French soccer league introduces goal line technology – SportsUntapped.com
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French soccer league introduces goal line technology
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The French Ligue 1 has announced that it will be the latest major European soccer league to introduce goal line technology. France will now join the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga as top leagues which will be relying on technology rather than referees’ eyesight to make the correct goal line calls. Ligue 1 recently said the new system will be in place for the beginning of the 2015/16 football season later this year.

Like Germany, France’s stance on the issue has undergone a 180-degree change since both leagues announced earlier that they wouldn’t be using goal line technology anytime soon. However, it appears that common sense has finally prevailed. Frederic Thiriez, the French Football League’s president, doesn’t seem to get the point though as he’s more worried about the cost of the technology than he is about making sure the calls on the pitch are the correct ones.

Thiriez told the press, “It’s now cheaper. And given the considerable drop in prices, I considered that France had no right to stay away from what is happening elsewhere.”

After years of arguing against goal line technology, FIFA finally introduced it to major competitions after several high-profile blown calls, such as Frank Lampard’s goal for England against Germany being disallowed at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. FIFA will also start using the system for the Women’s World Cup this summer when the tournament will be held in Canada.
The German Bundesliga will start using the British-based Hawk-Eye technology system in the 2015/16 campaign even though a German company named GoalControl also manufactures the technology. GoalControl was used by FIFA at last year’s World Cup, but Hawk-Eye seems to be the favourite choice of the leagues. But while the biggest European Leagues are getting on board with the technology, UEFA continues to hold out due to the stubbornness of president Michel Platini.

It appears Platini would rather surround the playing pitch with an endless number of officials who still make the wrong call too often on goal line situations. Platini has already shown his ineptness by placing officials at the goal line in UEFA matches. The extra officials are placed on the same side of the pitch as the linesman, meaning there are two officials within 20 feet of each other while there’s nobody on the opposite side of the pitch. In addition, the goal line officials basically stand there for 90 minutes and offer no help at all to the referee and linesmen.

But according to FIFA Godfather Sepp Blatter, UEFA will be using goal line technology in the 2016 Euro tournament in France next summer. However, there has been no official announcement made by UEFA regarding the matter. The only major league that hasn’t committed to the technology is the Spanish La Liga.

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