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To encourage handicappers to sign up, a lot of online sportsbooks offer new customers a free bet. Free bets are usually in the $20-25 range and are given to players once they’ve registered their new account & made their first deposit. Most online sportsbooks require a minimum deposit amount in the range of $20 – $100 in order to receive the free bet.

Some sportsbooks use a free bet to introduce bettors to mobile betting. Mobile betting allows handicappers to place their bets from anywhere, so obviously it’s becoming very popular. To get these types of free bets, handicappers need to register their account online, then download the mobile betting software onto their phones. Once that’s done, use your phone to log in to your account and place your free bet.

Instead of free bets, some online sportsbooks give new customers an instant deposit bonus. For example, the Bodog Sportsbook gives players a 10% instant bonus on their first deposit. The bonus amount is limited only by the maximum limit set for each deposit option. If you use a Visa credit card to deposit, the maximum deposit limit is $500. A 10% instant bonus equates to $50 in free money to bet with. Essentially, this is the same as receiving a $50 free bet.

Still, other sportsbooks offer a combination of both, a free bet and deposit bonus. With so many different promotions out there, it’s hard to know where to sign up first. In order to compare odds and juice, we recommend that serious handicappers register and deposit at several of the best online sportsbooks. This means you’ll get multiple bonuses and free bets, along with the ability to get the best value on each bet.

Since they’re the same thing, we’re going to compare the best free bets and instant deposit bonuses being offered at the top online sportsbooks.

Best Free Bet Promotions

1/ Bodog Sportsbook – Get a 10%, unlimited bonus on your first deposit of $20 or more. While this can be as little as a $2 bonus (free bet), it can be up to $10,000 as well – depending on the size of your deposit and deposit method. To cash out the bonus, the original deposit and bonus amount must be rolled over one time. For example, a $500 deposit would give you a $50 deposit. To cash out the bonus, you need to bet a minimum of $550. Using proper bankroll management, this is a simple clearing requirement.

Bodog Sportsbook Review

2/ – New mobile bettors can get a $10 free bet. However, this bet is only paid if your first live bet at the mobile sportsbook is a loser. If your first bet wins, you gain nothing. also offers a $10 free bet on NFL football every Sunday. The way it works is like this. Place a $25 bet on a specified game (typically Sunday night game), and receive a $10 free bet for something else. They do this for others sports during their respective seasons as well. Review

3/ BetOnline – Offers NFL handicappers a $250 ‘mulligan bet’. While it’s not exactly a free bet, it’s a chance to get your money back on a lost bet. Here’s how it works. Bet the spread, money line, or over/under on any regular season NFL game. If you lose, you have a one-time ‘mulligan’ to get your money back – up to $250. Your money cannot be instantly cashed out however. To get this money back, you’ll have a 5 X rollover. So, if you take a mulligan for $250, you’ll need to wager another $1250 before you can cash out. There are a couple other little rules involved in this, go to BetOnline for complete details.

BetOnline Sportsbook Review

Remember when your Dad told you that you can’t get somethin’ for nothin’? Well, he’s mostly right. While free bets are free, there are always some types of rules & rollover requirements before you can cash them out. There is no such thing as a free bet where you sign up for a free account, place a free bet, win, then cash it out. Be sure to read the terms & conditions for every free bet offer you accept. Some are easier to get than others.

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