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Added February 21st, 2012 by Matt

Frankie Edgar UFC 144 Pre-Fight Interview

If you ran down the list of current UFC champions and asked yourself which one gets the least amount of props or respect, you’d likely come to answer lightweight champ Frankie Edgar.

And that’s a damn shame. Edgar defeated the unbeatable —¬† twice¬† — in taking down the greatest MMA lightweight fighter ever in BJ Penn. He then went on to mount an epic comeback to salvage a tie and retain his title against Gray Maynard, fought him again and beat him soundly.

The work doesn’t get any easier for Edgar when he fights former WEC lightweight champion Ben Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan on Saturday night. Henderson is a massive lightweight, with tree trunks for thighs and a vicious ground and pound. Perhaps if Edgar defeats Henderson he’ll get the respect he deserves, but don’t count on it.

In this video he talks about how he will not play second fiddle to anyone.

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