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Former NHL player Deveaux attacks opponent in warm-up and calls it “Self Defence” – SportsUntapped.com
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Former NHL player Deveaux attacks opponent in warm-up and calls it “Self Defence”
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Incredibly, a former NHL goon named Andre Deveaux has come out and told the media that his cowardly attack on an unsuspecting opponent during a pre-game warm up was made in self defence. The attack took place prior to a playoff game in Sweden back in March and unbeknownst to Deveaux a fan caught it all on video. Those who saw the film of the brutal attack were sickened by it and many called it the worst they had ever seen.

Deveaux skated across the ice from his players’ bench and attacked opponent Per Helmersson, who was simply standing on the ice with his back to Deveaux. The former NHL player, who was born in Freeport, Bahamas, then took his stick and pulled it back as if he was about to take a swing at a golf ball and slashed the Swedish defencemen on the ankle. He then punched the defenseless opponent in the back of the head and jumped on top of him while he fell to the ice.

The 31-year-old Deveaux was playing for second-tier Swedish club Rogle BK at the time while Helmersson was playing for VIK Vasteras HK, where he’s the captain of the team. To their credit, Rogle BK immediately terminated Deveaux’s contract when they viewed the video of the incident after it had gone viral and he was thrown out of the league for a year. An arrest warrant was also put out for him for assault, but somehow he has made his way back to Canada. He met with media in Toronto on May 8 and claimed that he attacked Helmersson out of self defence and fear for his safety.

However, it all looks like sour grapes to those who have seen the incident. Deveaux claimed that Helmersson had checked him from behind a game earlier and knocked him out. He also claimed that he suffered a concussion on the play, but didn’t know it and that’s why he was back in the lineup for the next game when he attacked Helmersson. Although it looked like Deveaux was chopping down a tree, he had the nerve to tell the press that he didn’t intend to hurt his victim.

Deveaux stated to the media, “I’m out there with a serious injury and guys are telling me they’re going to do it again. At some point my safety has to become a priority. Helmersson hasn’t faced any consequences for his actions. He hit me hard, right in the numbers where we’re told never to hit. This isn’t right and this isn’t fair . . . I’m a Canadian and I deserve to be treated fairly in Sweden.”

Deveaux was trying to defend his indefensible actions during a news conference in Toronto and also had his wife throw in her opinion on the matter. The pair read from prepared statements and also brought along a video of Helmersson’s check on Deveaux during the previous game as if to justify Deveaux’s attack. Deveaux also stated that since he was hit into the boards he’s had trouble sleeping and has suffered migraine headaches. In addition, he passed out at the home of his brother and had to be taken to hospital.

Deveaux was originally drafted into the NHL back in 2002 by the Montreal Canadiens and also played for the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2008/09 and the New York Rangers in 2011/12 before heading to Europe. Deveaux played a total of 31 NHL games with no goals, two assists and 104 minutes in penalties. He had six goals and three assists in 20 games with Rogle this season along with 67 minutes in penalties.

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