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Doc Gooden Is At It Again
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Former Major League Baseball player Dwight Gooden has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs, fleeing the scene of an accident, child endangerment and motor vehicle violations.

To make matters worse, the former New York Mets and Yankees pitcher had a child in his vehicle at the time of the two-vehicle crash Tuesday morning.  Yes, he was high on drugs on a Tuesday morning.  With a kid in his car.  No word on whose child it was yet, but Franklin Lakes police say no one was hurt.

Sadly, we can’t make proper fun of this situation without knowing exactly what drugs Gooden was on, which has yet to be released.  The former baseball Star does have a history of issues with alcohol and drugs, including cocaine, however.

The driver of the other car, Ronald Schmidt, said he recognized Gooden immediately.

“I looked at him, and I knew it was Dwight Gooden,” said Schmidt. “I think he was surprised I recognized him, and he shook my hand.”

What an awesome story to tell.

“What did you do today?”

 “Oh, Doc Gooden hit my car then shook my hand.   I think he was on drugs.”


Too bad he didn’t get an autograph while he was at it.

Here is a timeline of all the crazy crap Dr. K. has been involved with, similar to the shenanigans we compiled for Milton Bradley.  Brace yourselves, this one is like two decades long…

October 1986: Gooden was a no-show during the Mets’ World Series victory parade. The team announced that their star pitcher had overslept, but years later, it was revealed that he was on a cocaine binge.

December 1986: Arrested in Tampa, Florida after fighting with police.  This started the Tampa Riot of 1987 when the cops were cleared of misconduct.

March 1987: Tested positive for cocaine during Spring Training and immediately entered rehab, missing a third of the season. He still went on to win 15 games for the Mets.

1991: Accused of rape along with two other Mets players, then acquitted.

1994: Tested positive for cocaine (again) and was suspended for 60 days.

1995: Suspended for the entire season because he tested positive for cocaine during the previous suspension.

1996-2000: Kirk Radomski, a Mets clubhouse attendant, was taking Doc’s urine tests, so he was not busted during this time.

2001: Retired as a mop-up reliever after he was cut by the Yankees during Spring Training.

February 2002: Arrested in Tampa and charged with drunk driving, having an open container in his vehicle, and driving with a suspended license.

January 2003: Arrested once again for driving with a suspended license.

March 2005: Arrested for decking his girlfriend after she threw a telephone at his head. He was released two days later on a misdemeanor battery charge.

August 2005: Drove away from a traffic stop after being pulled over for driving erratically. He gave the officer his driver’s license, twice refused to leave his car, then drove away.  He turned himself in three days later.

March 2006: Arrested for violating his probation after he appeared high on cocaine at a scheduled meeting with his probation officer. Believe it or not, Doc chose prison over extended probation.

April 2006: Went to the Big House for seven months with the hopes of recovery.

2007-2008: Pretty much flew under the radar.

April 2009: Made an appearance at the newly-opened Citi Field, where he decided to sign his name on a wall. At first the Mets were pissed, but then they rolled with it. The following year, they announced they would induct him into the Mets Hall of Fame.

And that brings us to present time, which means Gooden has apparently not learned his lesson.  Thanks for the two decades of entertainment Doc! Keep coming back, as they say.

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