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Forbes: Two NFL Teams Lost Money Last Year
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The overall values of NFL teams fell 2% last year, with 21 of 32 teams decreasing in value according to a report Forbes magazine.  But Forbes also reports that 30 of 32 teams made a profit last year and the richest teams are still getting richer. That’s pretty interesting considering the owners are going to try to get players to take a smaller cut of revenue in the next round of labor talks and are trying to add two more regular season games to increase profits.

With the opening of their new stadium, the Dallas Cowboys increased in value a league-high 9%.  The Cowboys are the NFL’s most valuable franchise, valued at $1.8 billion.  Only soccer’s Manchester United is more valuable at $1.84 million. The NFL’s least valuable franchise is the Jacksonville Jaguars, now valued at $725 million.  The value of the Jaguars is down 16% from the year before.

Behind the Cowboys, the Washington Redskins are the NFL’s second-most valuable franchise at $1.55 billion, followed by the New England Patriots at $1.37 billion.  Half the league’s teams are worth at least $1 billion.

So who are the two clubs that found a way to lose money last year? According to Forbes, the Detroit Lions lost $2.9 million last season and also lost money in two of the three previous years.  But the biggest losers financially were the Miami Dolphins, who lost $7.7 million last season.  The Dolphins rank 16th in the league in value ($1.01 billion), while the Lions are 27th ($817 million).

The New York Giants turned the smallest profit last year, making $2.1 million.  But the Giants are the fourth-most valuable franchise at $1.18 billion and should make a lot more money now that they’ve moved into their new stadium.  The Cowboys, Redskins and Patriots also turned the biggest profits — their combined profits last year were over $300 million.  Besides the Giants, Lions and Dolphins, only three other teams made less than $15 million last year.

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