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Final Four Betting Free Picks For Saturday: Blue Devils Will Deliver – SportsUntapped.com
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Added April 3rd, 2010 by David Glisan

Final Four Betting Free Picks For Saturday:  Blue Devils Will Deliver
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Three more college basketball games this season, and we’ll have both Final Four games betting picks today as well as the championship game on Monday.  We’ll start with the late game between Duke and West Virginia in this post, and cover the Butler vs. Michigan State game in the next one.

We’ve got four good basketball teams left in the Final Four, but only one compelling television matchup.  And we’ve got a hunch that the compelling TV matchup will pan out one way or another.  First of all, keep in mind that we’ve got a corrupt, crooked institution called the NCAA running this show.  The bigger ratings they deliver, the more money they can command for broadcast rights.  And with all due respect to all four teams, if you can’t figure out what matchup the NCAA “wants” in Monday’s championship game you’re not trying hard enough.

Obviously, the ‘money people’ behind the sport want only one matchup–Butler vs. Duke.  Now don’t get us wrong–both of these teams have the talent to get their own their own.  Duke’s offense is insanely efficient, they shoot free throws and 3 pointers well and they play good team basketball.  Butler has one of the nastiest defenses in all of college hoops, they move the ball around on offense better than anyone, they hit open shots and they don’t turn the ball over.  It’s no fluke that they’ve made it this far.  West Virginia and Michigan State are both excellent teams as well–the Spartans in particular deserve big props for how they’ve continued to fight after everyone (myself included) wrote them off due to the absence of starting point guard Kalin Lucas.  Not only was it hard enough to adjust for his absence in the lineup, Tom Izzo deserves a ton of credit for keeping his team focused and believing they can still win without their best player on the court.

But lets get realistic here–of all of the potential matchups, which do you think will deliver the biggest ratings?  Try the ‘David vs. Goliath’ matchup between a below the radar Butler team and one of the biggest powerhouse ‘franchises’ in college hoops.  If I were a screen printer, I’d already be making Duke v. Butler t-shirts to sell.


Had this game taken place in December, I would have been all over West Virginia.  The Mountaineers play very good defense, and in theory they should be able to turn this into an ugly game and steal a victory.  I say ‘in theory’ because that presumes that the referees call the game fairly and not look for ticky tack fouls on physical defense–in other words to ‘let them play’.

If you think that’s going to happen here I’ve got some swampland in New Jersey to sell you.  Baylor thoroughly outplayed Duke in the first half of their ‘Elite 8’ game, but in the second half the referees took control. Ultimately, Duke went to the line 10 more times than did Baylor.   This happens a lot to Duke, and when a team shoots free throws as well as they do that’s very significant.  West Virginia has to play tough defense and pound the ball inside on offense to win this game–they don’t shoot the three well enough to launch bombs from outside.  Unfortunately, its unlikely that the game will be officiated in such a way to let West Virginia play in a manner conducive to getting them the victory.

West Virginia is a very good team and against any other opponent they’d likely be headed toward the National Championship game.  On paper, they may be the best team remaining in the field.  But it’ll be Duke playing on Monday night, and with this short price they’re the right side here as well.


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