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FIFA to Form Anti-Corruption Committee
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In what many fans regard as a bit of a joke, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said his organization is going to put together an anti-corruption committee to help investigate allegations of bribery and vote-rigging that took place during the World Cup summit in December in which Russia was awarded the World Cup in 2018 and Qatar in 2022. It’s a little like trying to put out the fire after your house has already burned to the ground. Anyway, how can a corrupt organization investigate anti-corruption?

It’s a typical Blatter move as nothing he does really makes much sense. He knows FIFA is under the gun from fans and football organizations around the world after executive committee members of FIFA, Reynald Temarii and Amos Adamu, were banned recently from participating in any type of soccer-related activities after a probe into corruption took place before the World Cup vote. Four other FIFA officials were also banned. Many nations also claimed that Qatar colluded with Spain/Portugal to receive the votes it needed to win the hosting rights.

Blatter’s plan is to now make it appear that FIFA’s actually doing something about its tarnished reputation around the world. He said an ant-corruption committee will give FIFA more credibility and a better image with fans and organizations. He then added with a straight face that he’d personally take care of the committee to make sure there’s no corruption in FIFA. It’s believed the committee will be made up of nine people, but Blatter won’t be one of the members.

Adamu of Nigeria was suspended from FIFA for three years and was also fined a total of 10,000 Swiss francs for bribery. He became the first FIFA member to ever be suspended by the organization’s ethics committee. However, Adamu said he’s going to appeal the decision. He was found to be guilty of trying to trade his World Cup vote for money after the Sunday Times newspaper in Britain set up an undercover sting. Adamu asked for money to be sent to a family member’s company.

Temarii, who hails from Tahiti, fined 5,000 francs and banned for a year for breaking FIFA rules on confidentiality and loyalty. In addition, an official from Botswana was suspended for four years, one from Tonga and Mali received three years each and another official from Tunisia got two years. Each of them also received fines of 10,000 francs.

A television program called Panorama, made by Britain’s BBC, also damaged FIFA’s credibility as it unveiled accusations of corruption and bribery and many British fans and politicians figure this is why England wasn’t awarded with the 2018 World Cup. It’s hard to say if the new anti-corruption committee will be of much use, but it may want to start its investigation at the top with Blatter.

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