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Added October 14th, 2010 by Jonas

Federer in Fedtastic Form
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I admit it. I believed Federer would lose yesterday against Isner and so I placed a bet on that at 6 times my money. But when I tuned in to the match in the end of the first set I saw a Federer that reminded me of the old, dominating Fed Express. He looked Fedtastic and I realized I was about to lose a little money.

I did lose money in the end, but it was worth it just to see Federer play that kind of divine tennis that only he can play. It had everything, a hot dog shot where he ended up winning the point, blistering forehand winners, laser sharp serves, good returns, and an amazing running shot that nobody thought he would get to, deliciously angling the ball cross-court for the point. It was close to a perfect match for him and it was over before Isner knew what hit him, 6-3 6-4.

Nadal didn’t look bad either, chasing down ridiculous points and frustrating Wavrinka enough to beat him 6-4 6-4. It is funny when you watch a Nadal match sometimes, it is like he just can’t lose. Everything, and by that I mean EVERYTHING, comes back and the poor opponent has to hit 3-4 normal winning shots to win the point. It must be a nightmare.

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Djokovic is playing at the time of writing and he is giving Richard Gasquet a royal beating at the moment, winning the first 6-1. The second set looks like it is going to go the same way with Djokovic hitting his shots with huge confidence, taking the ball early and just dragging the Frenchman around, making him look like a ball boy.

I shouldn’t forget Murray who didn’t waste time with Chardy and won in straight sets.

With all these top players seemingly in top form I think Shanghai Masters will be a real treat.

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