Today is Review

There is no shortage of websites that allow you to play fantasy sports online and most of them are basically carbon copies of each other., on the other hand, stands out from the rest as an innovative leader in real money fantasy sports. FanDuel accepts players from all over the planet, but their focus is entirely on professional American sports. You can visit their website today to register for your free account, but you’ll have to make a deposit of at least five dollars in order to begin actually playing. That’s right, this is a real money fantasy sports site; along with cost of each game comes a chance to win even more if you win! If sounds like it might be the right real money fantasy site for you, keep reading as we discuss it in more detail.

How To Play Fantasy Sports at FanDuel

Currently, FanDuel covers NFL football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, and NHL Ice Hockey. Most of these are done on a daily basis but, obviously, games can only occur on the days that the sport of your choice is actually playing games. For example, NFL fantasy games are based on the upcoming Thursday, Sunday, and Monday: the days that the NFL actually hosts football games.

To get started, click on the sport of your choice in the tabs along the top of the screen. Then, choose options like Salary Caps and Auto-draft to see which games are open. Once you have made your selection, you will be given a list of available players on the left of your screen and a form on the right side that shows which positions you need to fill. Create your team by clicking the Add button next to each player that you want and then submit your finished team. At this point, you can kick back and watch the action as the games unfold and you accumulate points on FanDuel.

After all applicable games are finished, will automatically determine who has won. They take a 10% cut out of the collected fees, but the remaining 90% is paid out to the winner. For instance, if you were playing a heads up game against a friend with a $10 entrance fee, the total value of the fees would be $20. Then, FanDuel would collect its $2 fee and leave $18 for whichever team earned the most points. This 10% cut is pretty standard; every fantasy sports site has something similar to this in order to stay in business, and if you win, you still get a solid payout.

The design used at is really well put together. It has a clean and fresh appearance and, unlike many of its top competitors, the FanDuel website is totally uncluttered. They still have all of the information you need, but their careful use of white space makes navigation a synch. As far as organization goes, though, it’s important to realize that the site automatically shows the salary cap games. You need to choose the appropriate option if you’d rather just play an auto-draft game.

Banking and Legal Status

Even for US players, your Fan Duel account is perfectly legal. The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act) specifically allows for real money fantasy sports play on the Internet. There may be state or local laws that are stricter than this, but most US players are able to play here. Because of its legal status, can accept all of your normal payment options in order to make a deposit. Use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and even PayPal to instantly get funds into your fantasy sports account.

Overall, is the perfect fantasy sports site for anybody who wants a quick change of pace. Even if you still want to take part in your normal season-long fantasy league elsewhere in the background, you can stay engaged by playing on a daily basis at FanDuel. When you create your account and make a deposit (which is necessary to start playing real money fantasy sports) you can even get a $20 bonus.