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F1 Betting

Formula 1 is a huge international sport, with a lot of people who love betting on their favourite drivers, teams, and manufacturers. Those who bet on F1 Grand Prix racing have a number of betting options, some with better value than others. While a bet on a single driver can turn into a huge payday, these are difficult bets to win. Other bets offer lower odds, but a better chance to win. Let’s take a look at the different F1 betting options, and the best online bookmakers for betting on F1.

Best Online Bookmakers for F1 Betting

While a lot of online bookmakers offer F1 betting, those who cater more to European handicappers tend to offer more betting options. Our favourite bookmakers for Formula 1 are:

#1 – Bet365: Solid all-around bookmaker, with betting for every F1 race of the season. Ton’s of prop bets & futures offered all season long. Maximum bets of $5,000 are accepted for F1 racing.

Bet365 offers all of the most popular deposit options, including Visa & Mastercard, Neteller, Moneybookers, and more. No U.S. customers.

#2 – The largest bookmaker online, with a reputation for being the professional handicappers first choice. Betting lines for all F1 Grand Prix races, plus prop bets and futures. Bets up to $20,000 are accepted via toll-free phone, and even higher bets can be placed upon request. offers more deposit options than any other top-tier online bookmaker. Handicappers from anywhere in the world can use their preferred deposit methods.

#3 – BetDSI: Partner of, with their own F1 betting lines. Serious F1 handicappers should have accounts at both sportsbooks to compare odds. Wagers up to $5,000 accepted for F1 racing.

The same, great selection of deposit options that are accepted at Bookmaker are also accepted at BetDSI. All of the most popular deposit methods from around the world are available.

F1 Race Winners

Betting on every Grand Prix race gives handicappers a chance to win all season long. With races every other weekend, not only does this make races more compelling, but they can also pay off well. Unlike some other sports, auto racing teams have to be able to dodge a lot of situations that are out of their control. While the cream generally rises to the top after an entire season, in any single race, it doesn’t always matter who the best driver is or who has the best car.

For this reason, we don’t generally suggest betting on the favorite unless you’re getting good enough odds. Sometimes it’s best to pick another driver who may be offering better odds, who also has a solid chance at winning.

Handicappers can also bet on podium finishers, drivers who finish in the top 3. Odds aren’t as good as they are for picking the winner, but you’re more likely to pull a winning bet.

Formula 1 Futures Bets

F1 futures bets can offer handicappers a shot at big paydays, but they can take all season before paying out. For fans who place F1 futures bets for fun this isn’t a problem. However, it’s recommended that serious handicappers keep their F1 futures bets to a maximum of 2% of their bankroll. A $1000 bankroll would mean that futures bets need to be kept under $20. A $10,000 bankroll translates into futures bets of no more than $200.

F1 Drivers Championship Futures Bets

Futures bets for the F1 Drivers Championship can be made deep into the season. Of course, as the season progresses and certain drivers climb towards the top of the standings, the odds change considerably. For the best odds, place your F1 futures bets before the season starts, or early when specific teams look to have a good season. Later in the season when only a few drivers have a realistic shot at winning, the odds aren’t nearly as good. However, if you aren’t looking for huge odds, but a better chance to win your bet, later in the season is the best time to place your futures wagers.

F1 World Constructors Championship Futures Bets

The F1 World Constructors Championship (WCC) is an award given to the most successful manufacturer/engine combination. The WCC winner is usually the same car/engine combo as the Drivers Championship winner, but not always. Obviously you’ll want to keep this in mind when selecting your WCC futures bets.

With all of that said, it’s also very possible that a constructor could have a few of the top teams, without having the overall winner. Always see how many teams are using the same car/engine combo to see if this is a likely event.

F1 Racing Props

Most of the top online bookmakers offer a number of prop bets for F1 racing. Team props, manufacturer props, and driver props are available for every race of the season.

Prop bets for qualifying times, head to head (driver vs driver), laps led, and a variety of other particulars of a race can be made. Prop bets are a fun way to add excitement to a race with a very small bet. A lot of them are difficult to win, but when you do, the payoff can be huge.

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