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Added June 8th, 2015 by Ian

Even the Vatican chimes in on FIFA corruption
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Even though FIFA has been scamming money left, right and centre for years now it finally took a non-footballing nation, the USA, to step in and try and put a halt to it. The Swiss should be humiliated as FIFA has been based in their nation for decades as a tax-free and supposedly non-profit organization. To many fans, FIFA is nothing more than another of the world’s organized crime gangs and the Mafia would be a better choice to run world football.

Everybody has an opinion on Godfather Sepp Blatter and the way he and his cronies have ruined the sport since he took over as president of FIFA. Even the Vatican has chimed in with their thoughts and it basically asks the question, “Is anybody surprised?” The answer is of course not. Millions of fans knew all along how corrupt FIFA is, but nothing was done about it.

Monsignor Melchor Sanchez de Toca of Vatican City is the undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture as well as being the director of council’s Culture and Sport Division. He said nobody should be shocked at the FIFA scandal since corruption and cheating is quite common in soccer and unfortunately in some other sports. He stated to the media that, “Sports are troubled by great evils” and instead they should be helping contribute to the betterment of society.

Of course, the FBI indictments against several FIFA officials have done the world of soccer the greatest favour fans could imagine as they’ve finally gotten rid of Blatter. The investigations will continue and the authorities already have a few stool pigeons in place who are ready to testify against certain individuals in FIFA. And we’re supposed to believe that all of these illegal activities took place right under Blatter’s nose while he had no idea they were going on.

Monsignor Sanchez de Toca remarked that soccer has been marred by, ”corruption, victims of violence in the stands, athletes taking drugs, fixed games and the commercialization of sports” and more. He added that when athletes and organizations compete with honour, integrity and dignity then sports represent what is, “most noble in humanity.” However, once they become corrupt it shows the degeneration of mankind.

The Monsignor went on to boast about a network of 7,000 teams in Italy that are parish-based and represent the true meaning of clean soccer in society. Even the Pope himself must be disappointed at the current state of affairs since it’s well known that he’s quite a sports fan. According to Pope Francis, “true sports encourages the building of a more fraternal and supportive world, helping to overcome situations of injustice and social and human distress.”

That being said, there are countless soccer fans who would like to see FIFA dissolved entirely with a new and trustworthy organization launched to oversee the sport of soccer across the world.

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