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English soccer team Hull pays fans to attend game – SportsUntapped.com
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English soccer team Hull pays fans to attend game
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With transfer fees and player wages in football getting ridiculously out of hand all over the world, it’s a good idea to take advantage of a deal when you see one. This was the case in the city of Hull England recently when Hull United offered to pay fans to come to their club’s game against Hedon Rangers at Hull’s Dene Park ground.
Hull United plays in the Humber Premier League, which is basically the 11th tier of English football and is known as an amateur club. Jamie Waltham, who is the team’s chairman and manager came up with the idea and advertised the fact that he’d pay two pounds out of his own pocket to every fan that turned up to the match.

Waltham told the local press that Hull deserves a good non-league club in the city which will give fans a cheaper alternative than going to watch Hull City of the English Premier League play. Waltham said he and everybody else is very proud of Hull City, but feels that a lot of fans can’t afford the high cost of tickets to Premier League matches. He added that’s the reason he wanted to pay fans to come and watch Hull United’s first league game of the season.

Waltham added, “We want them to come and see if it is something they may enjoy. If they like it, we hope they will come again. The more people that turn up the better, even if it costs me more money.” Along with offering to pay supporters a lit bit of pocket change, Hull United also sold pints of beer at the contest for two pounds and gave away free tickets to a local music festival at Dene Park.

The 33-year-old Waltham said his idea wasn’t complicated. He just wanted to give people some incentive to take in the match to see if they like the style of football the team plays. If they do, he’s hoping they’ll come back to support the team and bring along some family members or friends. There’s a good chance Hull United will see some of the fans return as they won the game 4-1 on August 20.

Hull United has now won all three league games this season and sit on the top of the table with nine points and a goal difference of 11.

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