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English soccer club blocks entire country of Hungary from its Facebook page

English League One soccer team Notts County, who are based in the city of Nottingham, recently blocked the entire nation of Hungary from its Facebook page. The team just signed 24-year-old Hungarian striker Balint Bajner from Ipswich Town of the English Championship League during the January transfer window and its Facebook page was overran with comments. Bajner played in just five games with Ipswich and that team’s Facebook page was swamped back in August when the player was dropped from the lineup. Hungarian fans visited the page and thousands of them left the comment, “No Bajner, no party!”

The same thing happened to Notts County when Bajner was signed and the club felt it had to control the number of “likes” and comments the page was receiving due to the acquisition of the player. The club’s media boss Jamie Dixon said there was a lot of traffic on the Facebook page after the signing as a reported 4,500 people visited it and left comments. Dixon told the press, “Anything we posted got a good number of Balint Bajner posts within a few minutes and it just grew and grew. It was all taken in good, fun but then we did have to appreciate that it was blurring the waters for everyone else on the page.”

Dixon said that he tried to stem the flow of traffic to the page by trying to block specific keywords, but nothing seemed to work. He added that in the end the team had to block all messages from the country of Hungary. He admitted that it was quite a drastic thing to do, but hopefully the club will soon be able to unblock Hungary. He also stated that the club has created a Hungarian page for Notts County and it’s already proving to be quite popular. Notts County was formed was back in 1862 and claims to be the oldest football club in the world, but Dixon laughed when asked if it was true the club will be moving to Hungary.

Dixon said that Ipswich Town warned him about Bajner’s following on the social media site, but didn’t realize just how popular the player is with his fans back in Hungary. Once Notts County banned Hungary from its page, the club was back to normal as it received just 11 “likes” in the next 24 hours. Dixon remarked that all of the current comments from Hungary will be left on the page

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