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English Premier League fans tired of getting ripped off
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For the quality of football, prices to games in the English Premier League aren’t too bad, especially when compared to the prices of some MLS teams such as Toronto FC. However, fans are tired of paying for other items related to the game, such as team kits that seem to change every other year.

A recent study said about half of EPL fans said they won’t be spending as much on souvenirs this season as they usually do. A total of 4,000 Premier League supporters were surveyed and the results showed that 42 per cent supporters will be bypassing things such as programmes, jerseys, and general club items.

The clubs that are going to be hit the hardest appear to be Birmingham, Blackburn, and Bolton as about 52 per cent of Bolton and Birmingham supporters are planning on spending less and along with 49 per cent of Blackburn fans. Chelsea will also notice a drop in profits as 48 per cent of their supporters also said they will be thriftier with their money.

 What has the fans most upset is the number of kits some EPL clubs are coming out with. Some of them are releasing a home, away, and goalkeeper’s uniform as well as a third strip and cup version. And they’re not cheap as the average price for a short-sleeved adult shirt is about £41.Jerseys that have EPL badges and/or names on the back cost about £10 more.

The survey showed that West Ham and Newcastle supporters are happy with the team’s old kits and about 34 per cent of Tottenham supporters won’t be buying any of their team’s new shirts even though the club has five new ones on the market this season.

Even though the clubs are cutting the prices slightly, fans still aren’t biting as they think they’re already paying enough for things such as refreshments, tickets, game programs, and travel expenses. The average price of a ticket for a game in England (all four professional divisions) is about £25. Last year it was just over £27. Jerseys cost about £34. And the average cost of an EPL game is £36.

 So even though ticket prices have been frozen or come down in some instances, the team’s are trying to make the money back on the sales of their merchandise, especially with shirts. English teams agreed they would go two years before releasing new kits, but it seems some of them are ignoring this promise.

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