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England vs. Germany Prediction and Betting Odds – SportsUntapped.com
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Added June 25th, 2010 by Kyle Wanchalk

England vs. Germany Prediction and Betting Odds
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On Sunday there is quite the historical matchup, Germany and England. Two of the most storied national teams in the history of football meet in what will surely be a thriller. Both teams have loads and loads of talent, depth, speed, and skill. Germany has big name players like Podolski and Klose and England is equipped with names like Rooney and Gerrard. Both teams will have to show up on Sunday seeing that it is a winner move on, loser go home scenario.

England has been a less than attractive side as of late recording 2 draws against the USA and Algeria, and a 1-0 victory over tournament surprise Slovenia. Germany has remained on top of their game despite suffering a 1-0 loss to recently knocked out Serbia. Both teams have to forget their past in this tournament and learn to live a day at a time. Between the pipes at both ends of the pitch will be quite the contrast with David James, an experienced veteran, facing off against new kid on the block Manuel Neuer. If this game is like a lot of this World Cup’s previous match ups, it will come down to goalkeeping and both sides have to be on the top of their game.

My prediction is a 2-0 Germany win.

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  1. amazon coupons says:

    I think the world cup final will be a big battle in the midfield. The problem here is that if Spain win that battle, I don’t think the Dutch defense can stop Villa, Iniesta, Xabi, Ramos and Pedro. On the other hand, I do think that the Spanish defense can stop the dutch offense, but if Sneidjer, Robben or even Van Bronckhorst shoot from 40 metres on target, there is not really much the Spanish defense can do!I don’t think either team has been tested to its maximum potential yet and both are thirsty for a first World Cup title.As I said, they still need to be fully tested: Germany really didn’t play their usual football (Muller was missed) and the Dutch quite simply dominated the Uruguayans, although the result doesn’t show that.My bet would be on Spain, because they have a better defense than the dutch and I don’t expect the Oranges to win every single battle in the midfield thus creating large opportunities for Villa’s creativity, Pedro’s skill and Iniesta’s great football vision.

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