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Dwayne Bowe Fumbles Big Time

If Dwayne Bowe thought he was in trouble with Coach Todd Haley before, he’s really in for it now.

The Kansas City Chiefs star wide receiver was suspended without pay today for four games for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy. And here-in lies the difference between the NFL and MLB: no one gives a crap that Bowe cheated; they only care that he won’t be able to play. I can pretty much guarantee that this “mistake” will be long-forgotten by season’s end, especially since he plays for one of the suckiest teams in football.

The former first-round pick out of LSU has been one of the only bright spots for the Chiefs since they traded away tight end Tony Gonzalez to Atlanta. Bowe’s absence will be a difficult blow to counterpunch, even though at times he’s been sporadic, making rookie mistakes on the field. Take last week’s 16-10 win over the Oakland Raiders for example, when he lined up on the wrong side of the field on a key play, forcing Haley to waste a time out and some breath during his sideline rant. But here comes the bright side: Bowe had six catches for 91 yards in the Chiefs’ second victory of the season. In their other victory at Washington, he had a season-high 109 yards.

Last season, Bowe started all 16 games for the Chiefs, finishing with a franchise single-season record 86 catches for 1,022 yards and seven touchdowns. In his 40-game NFL career, he has 2,483 yards on 189 catches and 16 touchdowns. Long story short, he’ll be missed by a team that has won just four of their last 34 games, and may not win another for quite a while.

Especially not without Larry Johnson, who was cut last Monday after repeatedly referring to people he disliked as “fags” on Twitter. Poor LJ, whose punishment was being banished from KC just to be picked up by an actual contender, with whom he plans to make cleat prints on the chests of his former teammates.

Of course, neither the Chiefs, Bowe’s agent, nor the league would make further comment regarding the situation. So yeah, if your fantasy football team was in such desperate need for a wide receiver that you had Bowe as a starter? It’s time you call it a season. You can go ahead and play LJ, though.

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