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Added March 4th, 2011 by Matt

Diego Sanchez Bloodied But Unbowed
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Martin Kampmann just can’t buy a break. He got beaten by a gassed-out Jake Shields at UFC 121, then made a mess of Diego Sanchez’s face last night on the UFC on Versus card but lost another decision.

Diego is now “The Dream” Sanchez, instead of “The Nightmare”, but he was exactly that for Kampmann. Kampmann came out and dominated in round one, hitting Diego’s face as if he was hitting a bag in practice. His striking was precise and effective. Sanchez’s face was bloodied shortly into the first round.

Sanchez clearly won the third round. The second is where the debate comes in, although Kampmann thinks he won all three rounds. But I gave the second to Sanchez as well and scored the fight 29-28 in his favor. However, had the fight been judged like the Pride fights, Kampmann surely would have been the victor.

“I thought I won the fight. I think I won all three rounds,” Kampmann said. “Definitely, Diego caught me with some good shots as well. I think look at his face. I think I won the fight. He was throwing a lot of flurries, but most of it wasn’t landing. I feel I was landing way more and cleaner shots. I’m very disappointed. I can’t put words on this.”

Both fighters pocketed $60,000 each in winning “Fight of the Night” honors. That was $20,000 extra, as decided by UFC president Dana White.

Still, another judging controversy clouds an early candidate for Fight of the Year.

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