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Did LeBron James Drop a Hint about his Future? – SportsUntapped.com
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Added March 22nd, 2010 by Ryan

Did LeBron James Drop a Hint about his Future?
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No other player in the NBA will get more attention this summer from teams around the league than the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James who will have to make a big decision on what team he wants to sign with.

Of course most people believe that LeBron will inevitably sign with his current team in the Cavs, but he has neglected to sign an extension which is leading some to believe that he might have other plans.

The one team that will most likely be making the biggest effort to sign King James is the New York Knicks who are in desperate need of a player of his caliber to turn around the franchise and attract a huge fanbase. The Knicks will have the most money to wheel and deal with this summer which means they can pay LeBron what he wants and sign another big name free agent like Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Amare Stoudemire or Joe Johnson just to name a few.

With that being said, the New York Knicks might be an extremely appealing destination for LeBron as they will probably consult the All-Star forward about which big name free agent he would want to play with.

Despite everyone in the media constantly nagging LeBron James about his plans for the summer, and for good reason as he decision could drastically effect the league, the reigning NBA MVP has said time and time again that he isn’t going to let the cat out of the bag.

Even though LeBron has been tight lipped about his plans, he may have slipped up a little when asked the question once again in Chicago after he became the youngest player to reach 15,000 points.

Here is what LeBron had to say about his future, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“At the end of the day, it is still a business,” James said. “This isn’t high school basketball anymore. You have to do what is best for your family and what is best for yourself. I’ve always said I love being in Cleveland. But for me as a basketball player, no matter what happens, I love to play the game. I play it with a joy and I love my teammates.”

I don’t think that gives us much indication on where he will be playing next season, but I believe this could be a hint that he is seriously considering his options.

It still remains to be seen what he will do, but I won’t be surprised to see him head to New York.

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3 Responses to “Did LeBron James Drop a Hint about his Future?”

  1. zapperz says:

    Ger real, why would lebron take a $25M pay cut to move to the cellar? Only a moron would take that bet

  2. phatkid says:

    yea you’d have to be a moron just as bad as drew brees going to the saints or ray allen and garnett going to the celtics after they had a record losing season

  3. Jeff says:

    Ray Allen and Garnett were traded for they didn’t sign, and besides they were on perenial losers. And Drew Brees was ran out of town and was considered a risk because of his shoulder.

    I’d agree, Cleveland has had the best record in the league for the past two seasons and they are the odds on favorite to win it this year. Lebron has always said it’s all about winning so why would he leave to go through another rebuild somewhere else?

    He’ll be in Cleveland for the rest of his career.

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