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Derrick Rose Says the Bulls will Make the Playoffs

Over the past couple of seasons the Chicago Bulls have gone through somewhat of an overhaul or rebuilding process if you will. The key to this rebuilding had former Memphis Tigers point guard Derrick Rose right at the center of their plans and so far, that plan has been a fairly good one with some decent success in just two seasons.

Along with Derrick Rose, the Bulls also drafted center Joakim Noah out of Florida who many people believed couldn’t hack it on the NBA level, but in his short time with the team has become a big time defensive player and a monster on the boards.

Unfortunately, after one of the most entertaining playoffs series ever in the NBA against the Boston Celtics last season, the Chicago Bulls were unable to re-sign their best offensive player in shooting guard Ben Gordon.

Even though the Bulls looked like a promising young team with Gordon and Rose leading the way, the former UConn Huskies guard decided to sign a free agent contract with the Detroit Pistons in the offseason.

This season the Chicago Bulls have really missed Ben Gordon’s point production, but even though they no longer have their go to guy on offense, the Bulls still have a chance to make the playoffs this season as they are just a game behind the eighth seed Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference with nine games left in the regular season.

Reportedly, point guard Derrick Rose is so confident that he can lead to the Chicago Bulls to the playoffs that he has claimed that his team will be playoff bound when the regular season ends on Wednesday, April 14th.

Personally, I believe the Toronto Raptors are the better all around team with a true leader in Chris Bosh, but I really won’t be surprised to see the Chicago Bulls be able to slip into the eighth spot in the East as they have a somewhat favorable schedule in the last nine games.

Here are the teams the Bulls have left on their regular season schedule:

@ Washington Wizards (April 2nd)

Charlotte Bobcats (April 3rd)

Milwaukee Bucks (April 6th)

Cleveland Cavaliers (April 8th)

@ New Jersey Nets (April 9th)

@ Toronto Raptors (April 11th) HUGE game!

Boston Celtics (April 13th)

@ Charlotte Bobcats (April 14th)

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One Response to “Derrick Rose Says the Bulls will Make the Playoffs”

  1. Charles says:

    “…the Chicago Bulls were unable to re-sign their best offensive player in shooting guard Ben Gordon.”

    1. You make it sound like we wanted Gordon. A streaky shot that’s a defensive liability? For 11 million a year? NO!

    2. That schedule doesn’t look too favorable to me. Especially with no Deng and a Noah that can only play up to 15 minutes a game, the only gimmes would be Washington and NJ – and even that’s a stretch if you recall last December.

    3. Stop pulling things out of your @$$. This article’s garbage.

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