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Debate goes on about English Premier League winter break – SportsUntapped.com
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Added August 10th, 2010 by Ian

Debate goes on about English Premier League winter break
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The debate over a winter break during the football season rages on as England manager Fabio Capello came out and apologized to the country’s supporters for the team’s terrible showing at this summer’s World Cup. He said he’ll understand it if the squad is booed during their game against Hungary at Wembley on Aug. 11, but added that things might not get much better unless a winter break is brought in.

Others scoff at this idea and point to several Premier League players who took part in the World Cup for other countries around the world and didn’t have a problem with “tiredness.”

Capello said he knew the players’ fitness levels were below par in the World Cup and is convinced a winter break is necessary. But players such as Emile Heskey, Peter Crouch, Shaun Wright-Phillips, and Joe Cole didn’t see action every game during the season so the argument doesn’t hold much water. And others, such as Glen Johnson, Ashley Cole, Aaron Lennon, Gareth Barry, and Wayne Rooney had time off due to injuries

Also, passing the ball to the opposition takes the same energy as passing it to your team mates. So if professionally trained footballers can’t handle the pace, there’s definitely something wrong somewhere, but it’s not due to being tired.

Capello added that other countries take a break while England keeps playing because of their domestic competitions. However, this point is just as lame as most managers sit their best players out of League Cup games and the early rounds of the FA Cup. If Capello was so worried about them being rested, why didn’t he give them some time off before gathering the squad together before the World Cup?

On the other side of the fence we have Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore who doesn’t think a winter break is a practical solution. He basically said there’s no time for a break because of the schedule and there’s no way the league will slim down to 18 teams from its current 20.

It was suggested to Scudamore that FA Cup replay could be scrapped and changing Carling Cup (League Cup) games could help, but he said English football fans don’t want to see their traditions messed with. And of course, why would the league throw away money, especially from television rights, to take a winter break when the small clubs need it?

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