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David Haye retains WBA Heavyweight title over zombielike Audley Harrison – SportsUntapped.com
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David Haye retains WBA Heavyweight title over zombie-like Audley Harrison
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In what had to be one of the worst displays by a fighter in the history of boxing, Audley Harrison was knocked out by fellow Englishman David Haye in the third round at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester, England as Haye retained his WBA Heavyweight Championship. What made matters worse was all of the trash talking Harrison and Haye got involved with before the fight. At least Haye backed up what he said, but with Harrison it was a case of all talk and no action.

These two went to-to-toe when it came to trying to sell the fight to the British public and they did a pretty good job of it as there arena was packed with 20,000 fans. However, as soon as the fight started it was obvious they weren’t going to be happy about shelling out their hard-earned cash for what was taking place in the ring.

The first two rounds were complete snooze fests as nothing happened at all. Haye at least threw a few punches, but they either didn’t connect and if they did, Harrison didn’t feel them. When the third round started, Haye decided to open things up, in fact he said he waited until the third round because he and his friends bet on a third round KO. As soon as he caught Harrison with a clean shot the fight was essentially over.

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Harrison took several more before hitting the canvas, but surprisingly he beat the count. Haye then aimed another barrage of punches at his head until the referee Luis Pabon stopped the fight at the 1:53 mark of the round.

Haye couldn’t really be faulted for the lack of action, but Harrison should be ashamed of himself for showing up to a world title fight and landing one measly punch in about eight minutes of fighting, and that was a weak jab.

It’s no wonder the fans started booing in the first round and Harrison lived up to his reputation of a fighter with no hear and determination in the ring despite all of his physical skills. There are thousands of boxers in the world who would have loved to be in his shoes, with a shot at a world title, and he had that chance and basically sleepwalked through the whole fight. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the bout was investigated and Harrison’s purse was withheld.

The 30-year-old Haye still has a bright enough future and will be trying to set up a fight with one of the Klitschko brothers next year. Harrison, who’s 39 years old now, has basically thrown away his career and it should now be over as it’s doubtful anyone in their right mind would by a ticket to watch him “fight again.”

Haye raised his record to 25-1, with 23 Kos, while Harrison falls to 27-5, with 20 Kos.

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