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Dana White: Anderson Silva’s Next Opponent is Chael Sonnen – SportsUntapped.com
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Added April 14th, 2010 by Joe Schafer

Dana White: Anderson Silva’s Next Opponent is Chael Sonnen
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UFC president Dana White announced middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s next opponent on ESPN’s Jim Rome is Burning today.  The challenger for the 185lbs title is Chael Sonnen, who is fresh off a victory over Nate Marquardt at UFC 109.

It was a fight that was tentatively for the number one contender spot until the UFC announced weeks after the bout that Demian Maia would be Silva’s next fight, originally slated for Vitor Belfort,  scheduled for UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi.

Sonnen received numerous lacerations, minor injuries, and a hefty medical suspension during the Marquardt fight, which partly prevented Sonnen from stepping in, before Maia was announced as Anderson’s new opponent.

But now, Sonnen is healthy and highly motivated for a fight against Silva, a fighter that Sonnen has publicly expressed disdain for–recently calling the champ a “dirtbag” after his enigmatic title defense against Demian Maia at UFC 112.

In addition to Sonnen, Silva’s antics and attitude have enraged Dana White, enough to claim at the UFC 112 post-fight presser that the Brazilian could be the first champ in UFC history to fight on a prelim card.

Putting a championship bout between both fighters on a prelim is highly unlikely, but nevertheless the suggestion underlined White’s anger and frustration towards the champ.

While talking to Jim Rome, the UFC president had strong words for the pound-for-pound great’s future, promising a tougher challenger in Chael Sonnen and forewarning fans to expect the boss to put Silva in the unemployment line if the fighter ever repeats his performance from Abu Dhabi against Maia.

Here’s a few soundbites from the interview with Rome,  transcribed by mmaweekly.com:

-“He’s got a real tough fight coming up. His next fight’s going to be against Chael Sonnen, and Chael Sonnen’s one of these guys who’s not going to lay back, not do what these other guys (did),” White told Rome.

-“Personally, I really believe that he was embarrassed by what happened that night, maybe he did have a mental breakdown, I don’t know what happened in the ring. All I can say is I know his next opponent isn’t going to be a guy who’s going to lay back and let him do stuff like that.”

-“If he ever acts like that again in the ring, I will cut him,” said the UFC president. “I don’t care if he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. I don’t care if he is the middleweight champion. I will cut him, absolutely.”

MMAjunkie.com is reporting that Silva vs. Sonnen for the middleweight strap will headline UFC 117, August 7th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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23 Responses to “Dana White: Anderson Silva’s Next Opponent is Chael Sonnen”

  1. WarAndySilva says:

    Shut the FUCK up Dana you will never cut Andy.

    Maybe if your dumb ass gave him a real challenge this shit wouldnt happen.

    Silva has proven time and time again he will not finish lesser opponents

    Patrick Cote, Thales Leites and now Maia.

    Put him in there with someone worthy and they will get “Forrest Griffin’d”

  2. jeff says:

    WarAndySilva your rite .

  3. MMAfan1990 says:

    Stop blaming Dana. Dana wants to see the best fights, just like we do. Why wouldn`t Dana want to put the best fighters in with Anderson? Why would Anderson not finish the fight? There is alot more money in finising every fight.

  4. Tracy says:

    WarAndySilva You shut the fuck up! If he could put his opponent down, he should have.
    It was obvious that he could but he disrespected the sport and my time.

    It was embarrassing and to say other wise only shows your immaturity.

    If that is the type of entertainment I wanted to spend my money on I would watch WWE.

    Silva and Hulk Hogan, no difference! Both morons.

  5. David Glisan says:

    Dana wants to see the best fights? I guess that explains Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie….

  6. David Glisan says:

    The Anderson Silva honks are hilarious…..their line of reasoning goes like this: Silva is *so* good he shouldn’t be bothered with second rate opposition. Dana is insulting him by expecting him to fight second rate competition so he’s justified in making an ass of himself. That’s the deal when you’re a champion–you have to show up. Imagine Kobe Bryant going to Phil Jackson and saying ‘Phil, I’m not really motivated by the OKC Thunder. So I’m going to gag it up and go all half assed until I get some real competition.’

    The funniest take is that Silva wants ‘superfights’. He wants fights against guys who’ll stand in front of him with their hands down so he can knock them out. If that’s the case, he should go to K-1. I’d love to see how it works out for him when he starts goofing around in front of Badr Hari or Alistair Overeem…

  7. David Glisan says:

    Way to show leadership Dana….’Silva is now on double secret probation’. He’s pulled this nonsense in his last three title fights. The chances that a Team Quest disciple like Sonnen will stand and trade with Silva are slim and none. He’ll start to pout because Sonnen won’t stand in front of him like Forrest Griffin did and it’ll be deja vu all over again. The only thing involving Silva that will be ‘down and out’ will be the PPV buyrates for his next title defense.

  8. Frothy says:

    Anderson Silva is an embarressment to the sport. His actions are dispicable. I hope his next opponent literally f*cking kills him.

  9. josh agnello says:

    i totally agree u suck dana give the man a challenge.i mean there really aint to many guys that would give him a challenge.hes just that good he probably feels disrespected with his latest challenges.thats y he acted the way he did thats y he stands in the middle of the ring tauting bring it on he justs wants someone that will stand and exchange with him and its sad that the ufc cant find anyone that can.so until u guys the ufc can find sumone of his caliber dont be haters cuz he is the best pound 4 pound fighter on the planet and u will never have another like him so yins should feel lucky to own a man like him give him a real fight like, well i realy cant think of anyone ill have to get back to u on that.

  10. David Glisan says:

    If Silva hates to fight on the ground he’s facing the wrong guy in Chael Sonnen.

  11. Johnperez58 says:

    ok all of you people shut the fuck up cuz if anderson silva really wanted a challenge he would get the balls to gain weight to go to heavy weights and fight with the big boys so all of you shud rlly shut the fuck up and yes i wud fight anderson silva

  12. David Glisan says:

    The ‘Anderson needs a challenge’ apologists are pathetic. Dana White is a fight promoter, not a junior high psychologist and has no responsibility to try and ‘motivate’ fighters. Champions show up regardless–would Kobe Bryant or LeBron James go bitching to David Stern because they have to play Golden State and New Jersey during the season?

  13. MMAallTHEway! says:

    Silva messed up real bad, he knows it and I hope he starts acting like a TRUE warrior, when you are the champ, you must take on ALL COMERS, he got paid well for the fight so he needs to grow the fuck up and stop acting like a spoilt child, Chael Sonnen will put him on his arse and knock the fuck right out of him, and I cannot wait to see it. Anderson Silva is a prick who needs a lesson in humility, hes acted in this manner since he cornered for Chute Boxe in Vale Tudo matches in the 90’s and no matter how Soares dresses it up the fact remains, Silva is no Bushido, just another maggot from the favelas.

  14. joe v says:

    silva is badass go ahead and cut him dana, maybe he will get a chance to kick fedor’s ass since he is too big of a pu** to come to the ufc

  15. Gski says:

    What lots of people fail to realize is that Maia actually clipped Anderson pretty good with two of those punches. Anderson became a little fearful and decided not to take any chances. So, he become a clown. Had Maia actually pressed Anderson, you might have seen better fight. Yes, Anderson was a clown, and yes, Maia was out of his league. Dana, can cut Anderson if he wants but the bottom line is, it can feel like a war in there, physically and mentally. Sometimes to survive, people go to extraordinary methods and that’s what Anderson did.

  16. David Glisan says:

    Silva wouldn’t fight Fedor since ‘The Last Emperor’ wouldn’t just stand in front of him and allow himself to get hit. If by some freak of nature they did fight, the only way Silva would win is if he carried a weapon and even then its far from a sure thing.

  17. scott mma says:

    dana is a retard thats business let dana fight lol it’s diff. when you are in there but besides that why not get on damian who threw about 2 punchs the whole fight anderson did what he was suppossed to he displayed his skills shut damain down and beat his ass at will. who yet has shut damian down like he did, or put such fear into him he didnt even want to engage at all. So before you couch fighters pass judgement and talk shit learn what your talking about or take off your tap out shirt, put down the potatoe chips, stop telling the girls you meet in tne bar your a fighter etc…. etc…. and go in the ring with someone who really trains for 30 sec. and we will see your outlook on it from there.

  18. Frank says:

    Dana White does not respect Anderson Silver.
    Anderson is a good natured man in a sport of of many people like Dana white that do not see the phylosophy of the sport just brutal violence.
    I dont compare myself to Anderson but I had my share of know out and success and yes its tough to have motivation when your oponent is all beat up and you beating on him simply causes damage. Suddenly you dont feel like fighting anymore. Unless you are a crazy anymol in the in the UFC there is no shortage of it. Dana White does not understand taht becasue he is probably the kind of man like many of his funs that would probably beat to death an injured bleeding opponent. In life however bad energy brings bad energy. Good luck everyone whatever your attitude is. Best to all including Dana White.

  19. Pedro Jacobi says:

    Dana is speaking a lot of bullshit. He needs Spider Silva. His portfolio of good fighters in Silva’s weight is empty. Chael is just another mediocre fighter that will be destroyed by Silva. He barely won his last fight against a fighter severely beaten by Spyder in the past…
    It is time to put Silva against a real opponent, Shogun will be a good match for Silva.

  20. chris says:

    anderson silva vs shogun 205 thats his only challenge that i can see and i think shogun will win in 2 lets see

  21. Brian Conklin says:

    I think if the UFC cuts Anderson Silva it says more about the UFC than Anderson Silva. Silva doesn’t fear fights on the ground, he’s submitted several opponents and is a BJJ blackbelt. He has single handedly raised the level of striking in MMA to a whole different level.

    The UFC’s middleweight division is a freaking joke and Silva knows it. Chael Sonnen are you kidding me? The guy who thinks BJJ is \gay\ and Muay Thai is not a real sport? He is the No. 1 contender to the best pound for pound fighter in the world?

    Sure Silva can continue to fight for a paycheck in the UFC but maybe he would be better served in another promotion that can give him some competition. Silva should either quit the UFC, or move up to 205…

  22. Nate Swanson says:

    Anderson Silva is the best, period. If you think he should finish a lesser opponent, then why dont you get in the ring with him and start yelling “FINISH ME YOU DISRESPECTFUL POOSIE!!!!” and then tell me afterwards thats what Silva should always do…oh wait, you probably wont have the psychological ability to even talk, let alone a jaw to annunciate with!! So yea, Dana is the punk here, he should have given Silva the Light Heavyweight Title Challenge over a year ago, instead of putting Maia or Cote in there against him! And Honestly, the only reason Dana White is so angry is because Silva embarrased him in front of his new Saudi Arabian bed buddies who are gonna give him Millions of moolah…thats all Dana cared about…its so obvious. Dana should respect his employees (Silva) and take care of them first…in otherwords, talk to Silva before bad mouthing him in front of the world.

  23. Gonzo says:

    Dana should shell out extra dough for KNOCKOUTS by Silva, else Silva should deliver the minimum his contract requires.

    Silva brings value you can’t argue with, hate him or not, Dana’s threats are toothless, he locked Anderson Silva with little money, yet the sports revenue has rocketed.

    Dana should stop being greedy, and send out an addendum to Silva’s contract: Deliver KNOCKOUT and you get this extra cash. WIN FOR BOTH.

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