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Corey Pavin vs. Jim Gray: Tiger Ryder Cup Quote Feud

Golf Channel reporter Jim Gray and US Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin are really pissed at each other, and nearly came to blows on Wednesday.  Gray quoted Pavin as saying “Of course, I’m going to pick” Tiger Woods for the Ryder Cup team, regardless of his performance at the PGA Championship and in the standings.  Pavin denied saying it on Twitter, so little Jim Gray stuck a big finger in Pavin’s chest, called him a liar and told him “You’re going down.

Gray later went on Golf Channel to again publicly call Pavin a liar:

There is absolutely not one part of what Corey Pavin said to me that has been misquoted. And quite frankly, I happen to like Corey Pavin. I’ve known him an awfully long time, and in this instance, he is being disingenuous and is not telling the truth.

Pavin’s version: “What angers me is that he used a quote that misrepresented what I said. It shows disrespect to other guys who are trying to qualify for this team.”

I don’t know who to believe, but I guess I’m missing why it would be so disrespectful if Pavin did say Tiger’s in no matter what.  If I was one of the other guys on the Ryder Cup bubble, I might want to know what my chances are if Pavin’s already got Tiger and maybe three other guys in mind for his four captain’s picks.  Doesn’t everyone know the way it works — eight automatic spots and four captain’s picks?  What difference does it make if the captain already has his mind made up with one major left to play?  If anyone on the bubble has that much beef with Pavin picking Tiger over him, maybe he should’ve played better over the past two years.

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