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Added July 13th, 2010 by Ian

Cole Looking for King’s Wages
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If Joe Cole isn’t careful he might find himself in the unemployment line when the English Premier League kicks off in August. It seems the 28-year-old free agent, who spent the last seven years at Chelsea, is looking for too much money according to some managers.

It’s been reported that Cole’s seeking a signing bonus and 120,000 pounds a week for his services as he wants to be paid the same as Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard. But Liverpool and quite a few other teams are thinking more in the terms of 80,000 a week.

Cole apparently asked for the same money from Tottenham, and manager Harry Redknapp told the player he should put his footballing career ahead of his desire for money at this point, even though Redknapp would love to have him at White Hart Lane.

Sir Alex Ferguson has also said he’s not interested in having Cole at Manchester United at that price and Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is a little wary as well. It’s no wonder Chelsea don’t want to keep him either as Cole didn’t do much more than warm the bench in London this season when he was healthy and he had no impact at all on a poor English side in the World Cup.

But Cole better watch it as he might just price himself right out of the market with his salary and signing demands. He might want to follow the example of Michael Owen, who took less money to grace the pitch at Old Trafford with Man. United.

Some sources have reported that Cole’s former club West Ham has offered him close to 100,000 a week. At least he’d get to play at Upton Park though, instead of sitting on the bench. Unfortunately, everything in football is rumours, and some of them have Valencia and AC Milan also interested in the midfielder.

As well all know, things change in this game in an instant and those who have already turned Cole’s services down so far, could still very well end up signing him. But if they don’t, Cole needs to decide what’s more important, football or money.

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2 Responses to “Cole Looking for King’s Wages”

  1. Shakyra says:

    I love Joe Cole for having played for the Blues for 7 years but he is really asking for too much now! I dont think he is as good as Gerrard..
    At the end Cole really needed to pull up his socks and Chelsea didnt see any future for Cole, unfortunately!
    Well good luck to Cole

  2. shakyra says:

    Cole should be ashamed to have said that about Chelsea….
    I believe he grew up at Chelsea and can never say his new team is the best team.. he hasnt event experienced playing with them …. he might remain on the bench if he doest wake up.
    Chelsea gave him time to recover and get back on his feet but seemed like something was really wrong.. even during the world cup, he wasnt himself!
    Anyways, all the best of luck for Cole !

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