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Chien-Ming Wang’s Resolution: Come Back Up
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Hey, remember Chien-Ming Wang? He was the Yankees best pitcher in 2006 and 2007, winning 19 games each year. But Wang wasn’t able to keep it up, getting injured and then came limp performance after limp performance in 2009. The Nationals signed him last offseason but he was hurt all year; then they signed him again for 2011 just in case the past 15 months of rehab really pay off.

Wang, easily the most successful of the six Taiwanese players in MLB history, spent New Year’s Eve in Taiwan at a charity event and spreading the word to the Taiwanese press that his big New Year’s resolution is to make a comeback, to pitch again in the Majors and hopefully do it by May. Wang has been hanging out in Taiwan since November.

The event was for his foundation — the Wangderful Kids Fund. The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China and the Paper Windmill Cultural and Educational Foundation are just some of the charities that the Wangderful Kids Fund has donated to over the past two years despite Wang no longer being good at pitching.

The Taiwanese press reports that Wang’s new contract is heavily laden with incentives to stay on the Nationals active roster. Wang can get $250,000 for every 30 days he stays on the big league roster, up to a maximum total bonus of $750,000. He made $5 million in his last crappy season with the Yankees in 2009, but it’s still nothing to complain about for a guy who hasn’t pitched well since sometime in 2008.

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